back to article Cavium has two more tilts at Arm servers as Nvidia offers Arm-bots

Cavium’s made two new attempts to find an audience for Arm-powered servers. The first comes from Gigabyte in the form of the new H261 “Density Optimized Server platforms”. The product offers a 2U platform packing up to four dual-socket servers, each housing a pair of ThunderX2 CPUs. As that silicon can reach 32 cores per …


    Meanwhile at Intel...

    ... Suit no. 1 "How much is it going to cost us to kill off this one then?"

    Suit no. 2 "Well, the lost revenue from charging less for Xeons will be billions of dollars, but of course, once the ARM servers disappear without trace we'll be able to put the prices back up"

    Suit no.1 "That's ok then. Trebles all round"

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