back to article It's good to be the king: Dell gives HPE hell at top of server charts

Top dog Dell barked loudest in IDC's latest server quarterly tracker, overtaking HPE in both revenue and units, while white boxes made a strong showing on hyperscalers' shopping list. In the lower ranks Inspur surpassed Huawei, Lenovo and Supermicro. But ODMs dwarfed all individual suppliers as hyperscale buyers drove the …

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    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Dell Hell

      Most folks who buy SERVERS [as that's what this column addresses] know how to connect the components. Or they can read the instructions. If your cousin bought a consumer DESKTOP, then we certainly sympathize with him -- there's always room for improvement -- but that's not what is being discussed here.

  2. Benage

    Honestly it doesn't surprise me. HPE have lost a lot of ground with their ever increasing prices, One View not truly delivering and a lack of noteworthy features. Dell however has continued to innovative here and is far more competitive in their pricing. We switched to Dell and were saving around 20% and much prefer the OME platform. HPE have only recently brought features to their iLo that the iDRAC has had for years. As for reliability, I wouldn't say we've had any more issues compared with HPE.

    1. Smirnov

      Which features are these that iDRAC had over iLO? I wonder because from what I can see iLO has mostly been superior to iDRAC.

      Does iDRAC finally have a standalone console, something that's been available for iLO (LOCONS) for years, or do you still have to go through a web browser for a KVM session?

      I also prefer HP's RAID controllers (which use Microsemi Adaptec controllers) over Dell's Avago LSI based controllers.

      But other than that I agree, HPE has been going downhill with its products and services.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        [AC as work in the sales of Dell and other brands of servers]

        You should take a look at Dell's latest systems management suite. It's inclusive and significantly beyond anything HP has right now. The levels of automation in the tool take it beyond what you can do with HPE's multiple windows.

        The vCenter integration is complete- monitoring, configuration and updates all from a single window, unlike HP's offering.

        iDRAC is standalone, out of band management.

      2. Benage

        Yep as far as I'm aware there is no standalone KVM tool but this to me holds little value. The iDRAC supports Vnc I guess if you wanted to hit the console directly without going via the iDRAC. One of the nicest features I've found is the ability to configure the Raid controller and vdisks directly from the iDRAC. Also applying firmware is a doddle compared with HPE. Another little cherry on top is the OME mobile app, really handy for quickly configuring the iDRAC without the need for another pc, etc.

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