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Huawei's flash arrays have done well in a SPEC filer benchmark, Pavilion has brought out an NVMe-oF array with 20, yes 20, controllers, Nutanix is growing, and OEMs are reportedly feeling the DRAM pressure. It's your week in storage. These are just a few of the news nuggets encountered in our weekly voyage through the storage …

  1. Nate Amsden

    gdpr and location

    Afaik gdpr has nothing to do with where your data is stored. Has to do with whether or not you serve European customers. Now if you do serve Europeans and have no staff over there then you can probably ignore gdpr as long as you don't mind them blocking you. Not the polite thing to do but they really can't do anything else (like russia trying to stop telegram)

    I personally pulled all of the apps and data from the org I work at from Europe about 2 months ago(nothing to do with gdpr - pulled all hardware too) but we are still covered by gdpr since we have a few offices and employees there, pay taxes etc. All European data and apps live in our u.s. based colo along with everything else.

  2. ArtificialIntelligence

    Pavilion Data Startup Drama

    Comments from people who build the product which is making product release announcement.

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