back to article VM-container chimera Kata Containers emerges from lab

The open source Kata Containers project, an effort to combine the security advantages of virtual machines with the deployment and management advantages of software-based containers, hit its 1.0 milestone on Tuesday. Forged from a merger of Intel’s Clear Containers and Hyper’s runV announced last December, Kata Containers …

  1. kryptylomese

    Just use Proxmox

    VMware is the Microsoft of the Virtualisation world

    1. ArrZarr Silver badge

      Re: Just use Proxmox

      You mean it basically works, has strong app support and people who use it are just looking for a quiet life?

      1. kryptylomese

        Re: Just use Proxmox

        You really haven't used Proxmox have you! You will have a much quieter life with it and it more than just works!

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