back to article The great Dell EMC storage slimdown: Giant to trim off product bloat

Dell EMC is hitting refresh on its bloated storage portfolio to simplify the number of lines on sale, and one of the early examples, say sources close to the matter, will be the merger of ScaleIO and XtremIO. This consolidation will be a multi-year process designed to bring some clarity to the range following years of Dell and …

  1. highdiver_2000

    So will Equalogic and Compellent still be around?

  2. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

    "XtremIO and ScaleIO are merging, focusing effort on the Cyclone platform. XtremIO will cease working on version 6.4 and future version 7 (based on the same hardware platform as Cyclone). The Cyclone team still doesn't know about this."

    My prediction is that this will be fumbled in some way or other, as it seems they did not plan well ahead.

    Proper planning means that everybody will be informed of the road ahead. Trying to do so at the last minute will only lead to chaos.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ScaleIO is a Software defined storage product. I.e. virtualization of storage in a server which then scales as you add server nodes.

    XtreamIO is an all Flash SAN storage device that scales outwards.

    Very very different products. I think the info may be wrong.

    1. SeanMMasters

      Re: Eh?

      Or they integrate to (1) software defined all-Flash server nodes that autoscale as nodes are added, (2) software defined storage that autoscales as storage nodes of any type (in the DellEMC portfolio) are added, or (3) some other option.

      Disparate products can be integrated.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Eh?

        Disparate hardware products can be integrated with software, but the more disparate the products the more uncertain the outcome.

        Sounds like the second coming of XtremIO may well be its last.

        What's the betting the Cyclone platforms going to be the ageing Compellent and Unity replacement then ?

    2. SebastianRR

      Re: Eh?

      This actually not a bad idea albeit years too late.

      Back in the day when Vmware started developing VSAN, we at EMC considered it to be a joke. The architecture is crap, it’s a bad design upon bad design, pretty much what you’d expect from a hypervisor vendor.

      At the same time, EMC acquired ScaleIO which is still one of the best SDS solutions out there. It performes well and has very smart metadata handling and thus easily scales to thousands of nodes. Popular party trick was to deploy it in a few hundred or thousand AWS micro instances (which are free) and generate millions of IOPS.

      At the same time, XtremIO was brought to market which had great inline dedupe and compression, snapshotting and cloning. Scalability was a bit rigid and we all know about the stability issues.

      Territorial thinking, “not invented here” thinking, general distrust between Vmware and EMC, and a huge portion of arrogance at Vmware led to VSAN not being replaced by ScaleIO.

      Imagine the hubris, you are a subsidiary of the world’s leading storage vendor and you consider your science project superior to the enterprise portfolio of your mother org. Typical Silicon Valley thinking where reinventing the wheel, as an octagon, is followed by struting and boasting and proclamations of having solved world hunger.

      While I wish the EMC engineering team all the best in their efforts, I fail to see how this will be successful. Dell has gutted EMC engineering and sales and is favoring Dell employess or anyone from the EMC org. Dell also has no real track of successful R&D that goes beyond server layout design, which they do extremely well though. And lastly, who will this be sold to? There are not enough Hyper-V and OpenStack customers to make this viable.

      1. Equals42

        Re: Eh?

        Well said. I agree with the post but see the future merger of these two as a trainwreck. It'll inevitably strand customers of the current line(s) when the merged version is available. Either that, or it'll take to long to build the transition bridge and then VSAN and others will be too far down the track.

      2. Pistolero

        Re: Eh?

        @SebastianRR: An insightful, objective comment? You clearly aren't from around these parts!

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Eh?

      <DellEMC employee> Correct. They're not being merged (although there will be some bundling of ScaleIO with hardware).

  4. Ken 16 Bronze badge

    XtremIO and ScaleIO

    Are those related to

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Makes no sense...

    Scale IO has a completely different market segment than XtremIO. SDS and performance block based flash storage.

    If they want to get rid of overlap. It would make sense to prune out unity, compellent, and xtremio. Pick one, make it the entry level to mid range, get rid of the rest. Above that use powermax. Then absorb ddsd into another line and disolve it.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Makes no sense...

      Reading between the lines it sounds like the long term goal is to prune all three, Compellent, XtremIO and Unity, probably in that order. Eventually replacing all three with a mashup of ScaleIO software and similar tin to that currently used by XtremIO.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There's no such thing as merging 2 products: it's merely a euphemism for killing 1 product

    Let's read between the lines which product is getting killed?

    "XtremIO will cease working on version 6.4 and future version 7"

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not unlike IBM's move a while back

    When they announced that there won't be a new XIV platform, and the tech will be folded into their Spectrum software defined whatever.

    A good (at the time) technology's way of riding into the software defined sunset.

    1. returnofthemus

      Re: Not unlike IBM's move a while back

      Not quite, IBM actually decoupled the software from XIV and rebranded it Spectrum Accelerate, the software can now be bought standalone or acquired as part of their Spectrum software suite.

      The Flash System A9000 storage appliance incorporates Spectrum Accelerate, which is denoted by the 'A'.

      Apart from the name, the only thing that IBM are sun-setting is the use of HDDs in their storage appliances as the world moves to Flash ;-)

  8. hoola Silver badge

    No Suprises Here

    It is simple and many could foresee this happening. It was always going to end this way and anyone who thought otherwise was in La La land.

    Dell are a bunch of double glazing salesmen, revenue at any costs.

  9. froberts2

    Management merge only

    Around 1 month ago the top-level management for XtremIO and ScaleIO was put under a single person. This was geographic based - both products are based in the Tel Aviv area.

    There are no plans to merge the two products in any other way.

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