back to article Adobe acquires Magento to go B2B2C and beyond

Adobe has announced it will acquire Magento Commerce, and fold the gobbled business's platform into its Experience Cloud. Magento started life as an open-source web platform that melded content management and e-commerce, an approach that simplified matters considerably for small business and attracted plenty of larger users …

  1. Justin Case

    Adobe and eCommerce...

    Given their extraordinarily great record for robust online security, demonstrated early and often with that fantastic contribution to safe browsing experiences that is Flash, I'm sure that Adobe's influence will be positively benign.

    Certainly my confidence in this particular platform, tainted as the Magento brand was in my eyes by its association with eBay, has undergone a major shift in the light of this news.

    1. Gerhard Mack

      Re: Adobe and eCommerce...

      Magento is some of the most bloated memory hungry software I've ever seen. They should fit right in at Adobe.

      1. macjules Silver badge
        Black Helicopters

        Re: Adobe and eCommerce...

        My initial thought as well. Magento-powered AIR and Flash applications will undoubtedly be the next big thing.

        Drupal Commerce could make a comeback ...

  2. WibbleMe

    From my experience Magento (Zend PHP Framework) is a pain to learn, a pain to develop plugins for and there is not really much you cant do with a WordPress site that you cannot with a Magento, the selling point for most is that it should be PCI/DSS compliant over WP.

    Personally I see the future with node.js apps rather than a Software built on a PHP Library

  3. Korev Silver badge


    If you sell photographs using the software, would that make it a Photoshop?

  4. mansi1209

    That's great news as magento is growing more and acquring it may be good idea for adobe both will work well.

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