back to article Apple tells app makers to strip VoIP toolkit from iOS software in China

Developers of iOS apps distributed in China have started to receive notifications from Apple that they are required to remove CallKit, a software UI framework for integrating VoIP calling services, from their apps. A post in an Apple developer forum last week recounts having an app rejected by Apple's app review process …

  1. IceC0ld

    China 'Requests' ...........

    and the iCompany rolls over again, anything to keep the $$ coming in, and access to a population that knows no better. Would be nice to see Apple take a stand, but again, hell will need ice skates before that occurs ..............

    1. Scott Marshall

      Re: China 'Requests' ...........


      More like "iCapitulate" or "iSurrender".

      1. Justice

        Re: China 'Requests' ...........


  2. Dan 55 Silver badge
    IT Angle

    So what was CallKit doing that was so terrible?

    1. razorfishsl

      Sealing money from the government owned China telicoms.

  3. msknight

    Oh come on....

    "The Register asked Apple to respond. We've not heard back."

    Do you still have to insert this line, or are you just trolling your loyal readers?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not sure what would be gained by Apple saying "screw you" to China

    They'd be banned from selling in China, and the Chinese people would not be any better off than they are today. If Apple should effectively ban themselves from selling in China why shouldn't Microsoft also be banned - the only reason they don't get these sort of "requests" from the government is that Microsoft doesn't have the ability to limit what applications are installed on Windows.

    Barring Chinese from buying Windows PC/servers would hurt China a lot more than barring them from buying iPhones. In the short run, at least. Probably the reason the US doesn't do anything aside from making disapproving glances in Apple's direction is that they know China is quite easily able to come up with its own alternatives (already has done so for phones, with their non-Google versions of Android) and those alternatives might someday compete outside of China and take market share away from companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc.

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