back to article Map app chaps Waze add shout-at-sat-nav support for Ford cars

Shouting at your sat-nav may now result in something actually happening, whether or not you want it, thanks to Ford and navigation app Waze's inclusion of voice control. The feature has been rolled out along with the ability to project the displays of iPhones running Waze onto Ford wagons' touchscreens. "Our goal is to make …

  1. Rameses Niblick the Third Kerplunk Kerplunk Whoops Where's My Thribble?

    ...the offending phallus was being removed

    Very slowly and teasingly I'm sure, before being pushed back again.

    Excuse me, I need a lie down.

    1. Sgt_Oddball Silver badge

      A real dick move. Or several actually....

  2. LeahroyNake


    I didn't realise google owned Waze. Thanks for pointing it out !

    What's that open source alternative again ? OSM ?

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Re: Google

      Bought 'em for $1.3bn 5 years ago

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Google

        You obviously have no idea what Waze is, what it does, how it works, and how it fits into Google bigger services.

        OSM isn't even remotely the same product. It's like saying paint and Photoshop are the same because you can do sutff with pictures...

        Congratulations you get my fail of the week award.

        1. Swarthy

          Re: Google

          A comparison that I am blatantly stealing that describes Waze

          • Apple Maps: Enjoy this artisanally-crafted route ETA: 38 Minutes
          • Google Maps: Our Algorithms have Identified this best-path solution ETA: 32 Minutes
          • Waze: Drive through this dude's living room ETA: 26 Minutes

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Err... yeah.. That's what I want for my car. More distractions from actually driving. Whatever happened to pull over to read a map or use the phone?

    Icon: Massive pile up on the freeway.

    1. big_D Silver badge

      My car has a satnav built in, well since 2004 I've had cars with built-in satnav. I've driven around 500,000 miles since then and probably used the satnav for around 3,000 of those miles. And then, usually, with the sound turned off, because it keeps trying to send me in the wrong direction.

      They generally don't know the best routes, locally, and on longer journeys I've also found it will make huge detours (Ford, Toyota, Nissan and Google). They are generally good for the last couple of hundred meters of a journey, although I've still had them send me to the wrong location, given the correct address.

      They also seem to get confused a lot. The last time I needed the Satnav, I was driving along and it said turn left in 200M, after 50M it then started re-doing the route, because I had missed the turning! A U-turn later and I took the indicated road, drove 200M, then I needed to turn right in 200M, after 10M it started re-doing the route, because I had missed the turning! I just pulled over, looked at the map and turned off the satnav and drove to the destination without it!

      1. vtcodger Silver badge

        Both valid complaints: The weird routings MAY, and I emphasize MAY be reduced by careful attention to the configuration settings. If you tell a GPS to use expressways, then it'll try to use expressways even though you'd actually prefer a more direct route with a few traffic signals.

        The confusion probably is due to the GPS device not knowing exactly where it is. GPS is often accurate to a few meters, but if the gods are unkind and/or if some satellites are not visible and/or there is multipath reception and/or there is interference with the satellite signals and/or you are in a parking garage or tunnel and/or who knows what, the $%^# box can be off by many tens of meters. That results in it issuing instructions that are worse than useless. And, yes, not knowing exactly where it is is likely to be a BIG issue for autonomous vehicles.

        1. big_D Silver badge

          Yes, both valid, although the usual "best" route is generally a combination of Autobahn and other roads, but you can usually only set Autobahn or not Autobahn, you can't get them to use the best route using a combination - from here to Magdeburg, the best route is to ignore the Autobahn for the first hundred KM or so, going over land (fewer traffic jams, less fuel, less stress), then pick up the Autobahn just before Hannover and drive the rest that way. The problem is, the satnav either avoids the Autobahn completely or only uses the Autobahn until the last possible second, so you spend the first hour and a half ignoring the Satnav telling you to do a U-turn every 300 meters...

          That is why I generally don't use it or only turn it one, once I've reached my destination area and need it to guide me the last few hundred meters.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Android users, seemingly, have to lump it

    No, because said radios support Android Auto, which already has NATIVE Waze support. This screen mirroring hack is purely to get around Apples insistence that you have to use their rubbish maps of you want to use their rubbish carplay "system" (a walled garden of apple apps can hardly be called a system).

    Perhaps a bit of research before writing next time?

  6. The Dogs Meevonks

    As others have pointed out, satnav has some big drawbacks.... I don't need it to navigate my way out of my home town, nor do I need it to get home again. I've owned cars with satnav since about 2005 but never use the incar ones anymore... Mainly due to out of date maps and excessive costs from manufacturers for replacements, or the complete discontinuation of support. using my phone is easier and far more accurate nowadays. My next car won't 'require' it as a list of preferred options unless it's part of a package that's included with my preferred ones (such as leather heated seats)

    So like others, I use my brain and drive in the direction I need to until a point where I can no longer be certain of which direction to go. This can be anywhere from 50-90% of the journey already completed. It all depends on whether I've been to that part of the country before.

    A group of friends once took our cars to the Nurburgring for a fun weekend, 4 cars and 3 different satnavs... each one trying to take us on different routes that could vary by up to 80 miles. Mine was the most accurate and direct at around 406 miles whilst a friends Garmin was trying to take us past, back and around adding nearly 80 miles to the journey. On the way back he blindly followed it instead of the rest of us and ended up missing the ferry we all caught... and we arrived 90 mins early for it.

    I always take a look at the map before leaving, download a copy of the route onto my phone as well as surrounding areas in case of redirections, and I always check out the alternative routes offered to see if one is more direct and fuel efficient.

    Luckily I grew up in an era where maps were used and I can actually read one.

    But my biggest gripe with satnavs is currently with google maps, which now only marks your position with a big round dot, and doesn't change back into the directional arrow until you have started driving a few hundred yards... Which often leads to you starting out in the wrong direction when starting from being parked up.

  7. Valerion

    Put it on Carplay!

    I like Waze - it's better than my built-in sat-nav, and miles better than Apple Maps.

    If Apple allowed it on Carplay then I might actually start using that again (having decided it's useless and turned it off).

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