back to article Microsoft's Azure green-lit for use by US spies

Microsoft has rolled its tanks onto Amazon’s lawn thanks to a multi-million dollar deal to bring its Azure Government product into 17 US intelligence agencies. Microsoft already has a foothold thanks to Federal civilian government and Department of Defense partners using the platform, and the new deal will see the product move …

  1. elDog

    Check for the undeclared payments between the JEDI contractors and

    Of course they will be well concealed by multiple levels of semi-legit US gov't contractors and subs and LLPs.

    Again, the would do anything rather than fund something that came from Amazon (AWS) and it's founder/owner Jeff Bezos (of WashPO fame.)

    So SAD how govt is run NOWADAYS! SNAKES, ALLIGATORS, no real businessmen LIKE ME!

    1. Aodhhan

      Re: Check for the undeclared payments between the JEDI contractors and

      Apparently, as a businessman, you don't do proper research. There are plenty of reasons Microsoft has a leg up on everyone else.

      1- Microsoft works well with the US Gov't. In comparison to other vendors, they don't attempt to add/change anything in an attempt to renegotiate contracts or milk extra money. Amazon's MO is to offer you just a bit more of something you must have, at a huge increase in cost. You should know this... "mr. real" businessman. *eye roll*

      2- Amazon already has the internal search engine contract. Has had this, will continue to have this. So stop it with the Amazon whine.

      3- Microsoft's technology tends to be compatible with many other products -- unlike Amazon, Oracle, etc. Decreasing the chances of vendor lock in.

      4- Microsoft met FEDRAMP guidelines earlier than most other vendors; primarily because they didn't put up a fight against the stringent security requirements. *cough* Amazon bitched the whole way.

      ...and you think the gov't has no real businessmen? True in some instances, but It's a lot better now, than it was 2-5 years ago.

      I'm betting you are one of the elitist jerk contractors who was recently fired because someone figured out you didn't understand the importance of attention to detail and research.

      Don't worry... Oracle is always looking for your type of 'real businessman'.

      ...I can go on. But it just goes to show, how many people 'jump' to conclusions, and pass on the rhetoric of others without having the capacity to critically think.

  2. DrBed

    Spitting, just because you can?

    Microsoft blah blah blah... BUT

    "The news will also be a bit of a blow to Google. The Chocolate Factory also wants a piece of that lucrative government dough but has apparently yet to meet all the demands required for its data centers."


    Apparently, It's sexy to hate Google @Reg, but... what that bs ^ has with that Azure JEDI story at all?

    1. doublelayer Silver badge

      Re: Spitting, just because you can?

      How is that not related? Basically, the story is:

      1. Microsoft approved for use that gives them chance at big contract.

      2. Amazon also has chance to get this contract.

      3. Google wants chance to get this contract, but they don't have it yet.

      The article is about the defense department's big contract, and the recent news is that Microsoft has gained an asset in their quest to get it. Information about other players doesn't seem out of line.

      Also, I don't see this as an attack on google; they haven't met the U.S. government's requirements. That doesn't mean they are bad. The article doesn't claim that google are insecure. I could have used a few more details about why google doesn't meet the requirements, but it doesn't indicate to me that they have a problem that I would be concerned with.

      1. DrBed

        Re: Spitting, just because you can?

        "Google wants chance to get this contract, but they don't have it yet" - Which one of Google executives said that? Please, provide us some evidence, url...

        "they haven't met the U.S. government's requirements" - Where is that statement from U.S. gov in text? You should provide link to that, at least.

        "I could have used a few more details about why google doesn't meet the requirements" - no sheat, Sherlock?

        So, Google does (or doesn't?) know that it does not meet the requirements, but (Google) still "wants chance to get this contract"... wow! Excellent logic.

        Umm "does not meet the requirements, but still wants chance to get contract" > I suppose you're involved in Brexit EU negotiations think-tank.

        1. doublelayer Silver badge

          Re: Spitting, just because you can?

          No, you don't get to do that. I am not reporting. My job here is not to provide the details we both seem to agree we'd like to see. You complained that you thought the reference to google was an attack on google. I disagreed, and provided a summary of the article which I thought bolstered my point. The details in question, as stated by me, are in the article. More information is not available in the article. If you want it so badly, you'll have to find it yourself.

          Finally, you chide me, saying "So, Google does (or doesn't?) know that it does not meet the requirements, but (Google) still "wants chance to get this contract"... wow! Excellent logic." If the article is correct, google would like this contract. Right now, they can't get it because they don't meet some requirements. If the reporter isn't lying, I'm sure you can figure out very many details and start to discuss them. Google could start to meet those requirements and hence become eligible. Perhaps their desire for the contract is enough for them to do that. None of these statements is illogical. I don't see where this deviates at all from the statements in the article.

          1. DrBed

            Re: Spitting, just because you can?

            NO. it was not "attack on google" - it was bending of facts (and ElReg's previous articles).

            Here are the facts:

            "Global Cloud Storage Market 2018-2022: Major Vendors are AWS, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, HPE, Dell EMC, VMware, Rackspace, and Dropbox"


            ALL OF THEM are members of ITAPS group (IT Alliance for Public Sector).

            ITAPS member companies (80+ members):

            80+ members, but I can't see a word in article about Oracle, IBM, HPE, Dell etc.

            Google holds below 5% of that market.

            So again, what's the point of emphasizing Google in this article, related to DoD-Microsoft's Azure vendor lock in contract?

            Background of this story is, mostly simplified, Oracle(+Microsoft)&co against Amazon, and Amazon&co against Microsoft.

            This article is substantialy based on previous two Reg JEDI articles - QUOTES:

            "However, the plan has come under fire from tech advocacy groups, which claimed it could damage competition, innovation and even security. There are also concerns from other vendors, such as Oracle, that AWS is a shoo-in."


            "ITAPS wrote to the House Armed Services Committee this week to voice concerns about the Department of Defense's plans for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) Cloud programme.

            The group... includes a number of companies understood to be unhappy with the bid, such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle – along with AWS, which is said to be the frontrunner for the contract."


            It's probably based on Bloomberg's article "Oracle Is Leading Anti-Amazon Lobby on Pentagon Cloud Bid". But not a ONE mention of a Google there! (obviously and reasonably)


            Actually, Trump is in open war with Amazon, so it could be interesting to put that fact in context with this DoD's JEDI contract which favorizes only MS.

            But instead of that, "conclusion" of Reg article is, somehow, tied to - "slurping Chocolate Factory" (Google).

            Google is working with DoD on "Project Maven", it could be worrisome, but that's totally different story.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Microsoft Software is Guarding the Guards

    What could possibly go wrong ?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    Green-lit for the FSB

    So I guess the FSB will now have only the one system to hack. Seriously, just who in their right minds stores their secrets in the 'cloud'.

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