You don't know what you're in for MS-Virus

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    You don't know what you're in for MS-Virus

    I just detected a virus, Not unusual at all,but for me highly unusual as I can count them on my fingers of one hand. This one was from MS.Technet found by defender after problems with Defender, Firewall.

    I had only just downloaded Windows 8.1 CD again and reinstalled Windows last month. Was browsing Technet and saw this:~

    "A simple tool to extract and use the Windows activation key from BIOS"

    The css the pages has is:~


    I have a habit of saving the Html to my hard disk as a reference, so had the reference in another location

    I had just before it being found done a System restore.

    Today after a system restore as my system was refusing to run Process monitor and fireall advanced and I scanned With Defender on Win8.1 And found:~

    "Trojan:win32/Occamy.B" in the zip file "Technet OEMKEYEXTRACT.ZIP"

    "Alert Level:severe"

    file dated "6/04/2018:5:15 PM" - that's when I saved it to my PC.

    I have a screenshot if someone needs it.

    I consider that if Technet is passing out viruses or if they cannot detect hacks on their website then we're all doomed. Also that Microsoft is still acting anti-competitively by denying many the ability to restore their old system pushing them onto Windows 10 with T&C of no Workaround. Doesn't want people to access their Pre-Windows 10 OEM operating system.

    I have not deleted the Trojan from quarantine yet, and have it if required.

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