back to article Yay for Nvidia, GPU giant report decent first quarter results despite recent setbacks

Nvidia continued to report strong numbers in its first quarterly results this year, despite failing to supply graphics cards to vendors on time due to a shortage of chips. During an earnings call on Thursday, CEO Jensen Huang, boasted that there was “growth across every platform”, and that the “datacenter business achieved …

  1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    Time for import tariffs

  2. Phil W

    Ignoring market segment

    Oh yes it's definitely Fortnite and PUBG. Nothing to do with cryptocurrency mining at all.....

    1. MonkeyCee

      Re: Ignoring market segment

      "Nothing to do with cryptocurrency mining at all....."

      Miners haven't been buying cards for, what, six months now. There's been a general crapping out of the alt coin markets, so anything less than a 1070ti is making marginal money.

      A quick squiz at my local online stores seems to indicate that they have *all* models of GPUs available, including both flavours of VEGA. The nVidia store has stock. In fact there doesn't seem to be any issue with supply of GPUs. It's almost like people have seized on one explanation that suits their personal bias (crypto bad, gaming good, AI research hard) and even when all other factors change it still gets trotted out.

      In much the same way that high rents are blamed on immigrants, high GPU prices get blamed on miners. Even when miners aren't buying cards. The majority of GPUs are still purchased by gamers for gaming. Unless the assumption is that miners are having a crack at PUBG on their mining rigs too, then the stats of Steam et al about GPU usage should indicate that.

      While I agree prices have gone up, the article does over state it somewhat. A 1060 6Gb or a 1070 costs about 30 euro more than a year ago. 1080 are about 40 dearer. So a 10% rise over a year, when there is (apparently) insufficient silicon. That all other components also seem to have had a 10% rise seems to me to indicate that it's tech in general, rather than just GPUs.

      Personally I don't get why gamers should be such whiny shits. I mean, it's a cultural thing, getting all foamy mouthed about some first world problem and then finding others to blame for it. But seriously, if the biggest issue in your life is that you need to fork over an extra 30-40 euro for a >300 euro GPU, that not really anything to get wound up about.

      1. phuzz Silver badge

        Re: Ignoring market segment

        GPUs are becoming available now, but just one week ago only a few models were in stock, and three weeks ago Scan barely had any mid-high end graphics cards showing as 'in stock'. One month ago it was basically impossible to pick up a GPU for less than a 30-40% price hike over MSRP, whereas normally they're going for 10-20% under MSRP after six months of being on the market.

        Miners might have stopped buying six months ago, but it's taken five and a half months for that to work through the channels to us end users.

      2. Mark Harris

        Re: Ignoring market segment

        "A 1060 6Gb or a 1070 costs about 30 euro more than a year ago."

        I went looking for a 1070 at the beginning of March 2018. All the instock cards were priced between £650-700. However the prices started to drop soon after and I picked up a Palit card for £440 Easter weekend. The same card is now £375, so in the UK at least the article is correct.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Ignoring market segment

      Read the paragraph before.

      "and that the “datacenter business achieved another record and gaming remained strong.”

      He put it down to Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), both hugely popular online shooter games "

      i.e. the gaming part is down to those two games.

  3. Teiwaz

    Nvidia still sucks...

    ...on 'Linux though.

    1. d3rrial

      Re: Nvidia still sucks...

      Not really, if you're using the proprietary drivers.

      Nvidia Devs are also working closely with Linux developers on projects such as dxvk for example.

    2. Nate Amsden Silver badge

      Re: Nvidia still sucks...

      As someone who has used nvidia on pretty much every desktop and laptop with linux for about 17 or 18 years I can't really agree with that statement myself. Of course per the other poster I'll caveat my statement by saying I've always used the proprietary drivers. Also will say I don't run bleeding edge linux either I'm sure that stuff is more likely to break if you wish to track the latest and greatest kernels.

      Before Nvidia I was using Number Nine cards if anyone remembers them, with AcceleratedX if I recall right. That combined with the commercial OSS drivers, those were interesting days for me anyway. Originally got #9 for the Windows stuff but then switched to linux for my desktops in 1998.

      My first nivida cards were a used(?) Riva TNT, not sure what brand(maybe Riva was a brand back then), maybe it was OEM, got a pair of them from Fry's Electronics they came in unmarked boxes in anti static bags if I recall right. Ran them for many years..

      Have had Nvidia in every laptop since 2006(which is just 3, I keep my laptops around for a while).

  4. Chz

    At least with AMD resurgent, they haven't repeated their trick of having a greater net income than AMD had total revenue. There was one quarter a little while back where just the gaming division at Nvidia was very close to AMD's total revenue. They may pull some nasty tricks at times, but damn if they're not good at making money.

  5. K

    GPU card prices are dropping..

    I brought a GTX 1080 about 6 weeks ago, which cost me about £540.. You can now pickup some of these cards for under £480.

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