back to article OpenFlow protocol has a switch authentication vulnerability

The early software-defined networking protocol, OpenFlow, has a vulnerability – but will anyone fix it? That's the question on the mind of The Register's networking desk, as we await confirmation of the bug by the Open Networking Foundation. In this post at the oss-sec list, Kashyap Thimmaraju from the Technical University of …

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  2. MarcLeclerc

    But NoviFlow’s OpenFlow switches DO support TLS to the controller!

    This is a switch implementation issue and NoviFlow has had TLS between the switch and controller as a basic feature in our NoviSwitch series since 2016. Our NoviWare NOS even supports TLS for Barefoot Tofino based white boxes delivering 6.5 Tbps of OpenFlow 1.3/1.4/1.5 throughput! See to download the datasheets.

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