Google and Microsoft Police with No accountability

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    Google and Microsoft Police with No accountability

    Google and Microsoft now believe they are the Internet Secret Police, and with no accountablity to anyone.

    They like stop and search, and do random breath tests and never declare any reason.

    They are arrogant and rude (shock)

    We have to prove we are innocent.

    Last year emails to microsoft's email accounts got blocked from my tiny email server. It took ages to work out what was going on since my server is not on any blacklist and is squeaky clean. But Microsoft runs their own secret blacklist and nobody knows the special rules how you get on it. And is seems if anyone nearby is being naughty they put the whole class (ho) in the corner until you prove your innocence, which is achieved days later after fighting through a dense forest or poor microsoft help sites to find the right forms and procedures, to then beg to be taken off their list. No explanation from them other than claiming the domain sent spam, which we never did, none of our logs nor traffic suggests it. We have a bolted down tiny system (i'ts really an archive now, only two active users left, handful of emails a day), SPF reverse DNS DKIM DMARC all set, no relays, no proxy, no SSH ports and so on.

    I wonder if they really do random blocks

    Now Google are at it, and blocked and delayed emails to their email addresses. Once again complex a hunt to find the forms, verify youself, and look at their postmaster tools of my domain. Their onw portal had no data at all as spam, nothing on IP or domain reputation about my server. So Google's public interface knows we are innocent, but some internal lottery still fingerred us. After 2 days, not even knowing if they got the forms as no acknlowedgement, we get unblocked with no explanation and no correspondence. In fact they state clearly they will not email or correspond. So what the F@ was that about?

    Surey we have a right to know why we woz stopped and searched? If there was an error how does saying nothing help mitigation? Cannot they admit they got it wrong, and just were lazily applying a ban on a serction of IPs to see who protested.

    Are Google and Microsoft trying to piss off all other email server and domains such we capitulate and have one other their accounts?

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