back to article SpaceX Bangabandhu-1 launch held up while Dragon splashes down on time

SpaceX has opted to spend a few more days checking out its new Falcon 9 following a successful test fire of the rocket on 5 May, but its latest cargo ship enjoyed an uneventful return to Earth. The famously taciturn rocketry outfit was expected to launch the Bangabandhu-1 communications satellite for the Bangladesh …

  1. Terje

    I think I need to cut down on my Pratchett diet as I immediately read that as Bhangbhangduc.

    Mine's the one on top of four elephants on a turtle.

    1. Spudley

      I think I need to cut down on my Pratchett diet as I immediately read that as Bhangbhangduc.

      Given the similarity, I would say that there's a very real possibility that someone in the naming committee for this satellite is a Pratchett fan.

    2. Santa from Exeter

      Wait, What? you mean it *didn't* say BhangBhangduc?

      1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

        It took me three goes to discover that it didn't.

  2. macjules

    Even worst ..

    I thought it was BungaBunga at first glance, followed by 'WTF is Berlusconi up to now?'

    1. Inventor of the Marmite Laser

      Re: Even worst ..

      Pai Dirt

    2. Inventor of the Marmite Laser

      Worse still

      Bunga McBungaface

  3. ColonelDare

    Short Circuit the problem?

    > " ...also brought NASA’s faulty Robonaut back to Earth after astronauts were unable to fix the busted bot."

    Surely Nasa should just send Number 5 up there to fix it!

  4. Shaha Alam
    Thumb Up

    always nice to see a small, poverty-stricken country like Bangladesh making a name for itself. something other than the usual depressing stuff.

    1. S4qFBxkFFg
      1. Aladdin Sane
    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      There are even more incredibly positive stories about Bangladesh.

      In 1972 Bangladeshi women had 7 children and life expectancy was just 52. Now they have just 2 children and life expectancy is 73.

      Child survival rate is now 97% - hence the small families. This is an absolute transformation in the quality of life for most people in a couple of generations - and sadly it's a story that's not really out there.

      Check out Hans Roslings material - particularly the BBC docs, or the current book Factfulness.

  5. RobThBay


    I know someone that has what we call CRS (Can't Remember $hit).

  6. Anonymous Coward


    I thought is was the new Crash Bandicoot TV spin-off.

    (Or an Indian porn channel)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    making fun of a name because it sounds foreign. good old fashioned racism.

    1. mr.K

      The good ol' days

      No, good old fashioned racism would be the justification they used for slavery, colonization, ethnic cleansing, apartheid and segregation.

      Calling everything that can be regarded as intolerant, any hint of lack of cultural understanding, unthoughtful jokes, and using common neutral words of yesterday that has changed meaning today, for racism is a newfangled idea. And quite frankly it is crude.

      That doesn't mean we can't discuss what is okay to say, and what is not. Feel free to think joking with names is lame, but would you stand on the barricade if it was a German name? Did you go to arms when John Oliver did a lengthy segment on the presidents last name?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      If you can't stand the heat, get out of El Reg's comment section.

      (Or just lighten up. It's just a name. And it _is_ foreign.)

      But anyway for those who are actually curious ...

    3. jacksonville22

      Nope - this comments’ trajectory is non-optimal: suggest early main engine cutoff.

  8. handleoclast

    Ob Pratchett

    One dragon he up he down very happy.

  9. Ticl

    Bad Orbit slot for Bangladesh

    The orbital slot for the satellite is at 119.1 degrees East, which is not suitable to be used from Bangladesh. The government has been hiding this fact for a long time due to political reason. However the TV channel owners (who are mostly ruling party cronies) expressed their concerns that signal would be disrupted even during a very light rain fall let alone heavy monsoon rain.

    1. Francis Boyle


      Bangladesh is at 20 N 90 E so by my calculations that would put the satellite at roughly 45~50 degrees above the horizon. Satellite dishes in high latitudes are regularly operated at 30 degrees and probably less so I think you need something more to back up your conspiracy theory.

  10. snooty


    Hi used to watch a volcano on Iceland named Bardabunga , how near can you get ?...A bit nearer these days since it calmed cown

  11. peterkin

    Kilograms and pounds in the same article. I suppose we should be grateful that El Reg isn't planning any Mars missions.

    1. Roj Blake

      Re: kilograms and pounds

      The real scandal is that they didn't give the mass in Jubs.

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