back to article Irish High Court slams Facebook's conduct, smacks down bid to drag out data probe

The Irish High Court has slapped down Facebook's bid to further delay the battle over the legality of its transatlantic data transfers in a critical judgment that questions the firm's previous conduct in court. On Monday, Facebook applied for a stay in the long-running case over the way in which it transfers data from the EU …

  1. Chris G

    The Register has asked Facebook to comment.

    FB: We take the privacy of our sh,,users very seriously and we are looking forward to a blah blah meaningless blah blah.Etc and so on!

    1. macjules

      Re: The Register has asked Facebook to comment.

      FB: "Look at the new Occulus goggles, look at the awesome dating app"

      Sheep: "ooooh, Shiny"

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Sheep: "ooooh, Shiny"

        Me: "ooooh, slimy"

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Favorite Zuk quote after Congress testimony

      Zuk: "We also need to keep building new tools to help people connect, strengthen our communities, and bring the world closer together." - (Closer to Palantir I believe he meant). Zuk's new Dating-App will act as a front for 'The Parallax View' Corporation.

  2. Wiltshire

    A question for the panel:

    Does one have to be a sociopath before getting a job as a FaceBook spokesperson?

    Or is it the job that makes them like that?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Of course! The intelligent sociopaths inevitably make their way to Silicon Valley. The stupid sociopaths invariably end up in government.

      1. BebopWeBop

        Sociopaths with a long term plan end up in government (see were they go afterwards)

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Come on, that's a bit unfair for sociopaths. They may have some bad personality traits but this is a bit much.

  3. Richard Jones 1
    Thumb Up

    Well Said That Justice

    Justice Costello apparently prefers east side of the pond legal niceties to those on the west side. For my money it was a very smooth turn back of a faulty application, or more bluntly said don't game my system.

    1. Chris G

      Re: Well Said That Justice

      Justice Costello and the Singaporean Minister K Shanmugam both gave Farcebook a good slapdown, hopefully more to come.

      The attitude of Mr Simon Milner, Vice President of Public Policy for Asia-Pacific for Facebook was really asking for it, and he got it.

  4. TkH11


    It seems to me FB have two issues to contend with: Firstly this court case and secondly compliance with GDPR which they must have in place by 25th May. They can't use this court case as a delaying tactic to comply with GDPR. They have had two years in which to prepare for GDPR.

    But nobody can bring a case under GDPR right now, so this case can only be prosecuted under whatever existing data protection legislation Ireland has in place.

    Yes, it's kind of moot, or will be in a few weeks, but the claimant is acting under existing legislation and FB need to fight their case based on that legislation. It will be up to the claimant whether he wants to discontinue proceedings feeling that matters have been overtaken by GDPR on 25th May.

    I doubt the claimant will be able to change the case and say he wants to progress the case under GDPR law. Need to start new case.

    1. Mark 85

      Re: GDPR

      I see your points but the reality is that FB should just shut up and comply with the law as it is now and comply with new one when it takes effect. Or.... they could just close up shop, take their millions and party for the rest of their lives. But we know that at the end of this month, the crap will hit the rotating air movement device as FB tries to continue doing business as usual and more lawsuits will be tossed about. I'm thinking lawyers are cheaper than losing the income from the ads.

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

      2. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

        Re: GDPR

        "the reality is that FB should just shut up and comply with the law as it is now and comply with new one when it takes effect."

        It's also the reality that they won't see it that way.

        Even when the cases finally reach conclusion under each set regulations they'll still be saying "We're examining the judgement but we did nothing wrong". It's not as often used but it's just as much part of the PR phrase book as "Only a few users" and "We take your $topic seriously".

  5. steelpillow Silver badge

    Getting the feeling

    Why do I get the feeling that programming skills and a bright idea are no training in international law or diplomacy?

    And why do I get the feeling that the dot com billionaires are too arrogant to get it?

    1. Fungus Bob

      Re: Getting the feeling

      Why are you feeling dot com billionaires?

      1. BebopWeBop

        Re: Getting the feeling

        Good returns on them udders me dear

  6. Jay Lenovo
    Paris Hilton

    Effluxion of Time

    Facebook spokesman: "So Justice Costello, can we delay this case another 23 days while I look this term up?"

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "He doesn't like you."

    "I don't like you, either."

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