back to article Painful Hammer blow: Commvault CEO ousted, costs and staff face cuts as financial figures falter

Activist investor Elliott Management has this week claimed the scalp of Commvault CEO Bob Hammer, as the storage biz accedes to its demands in the wake of disappointing financial results. Data-protecting Commvault has agreed to change its chief executive, cut costs, lay off some folks, shake up its organizational structure, …

  1. stribble

    Elliott have a point

    As a long time customer, Commvault's products are great. If they sort out the packaging and make it simpler to buy and get a proper working channel they have the chance to be the market leader and not just have the best tech.

    Unless they make the packaging simpler it won't fly with partners though, so I hope they fix that.

  2. J. Cook Silver badge

    I have a feeling that this request will fall upon deaf ears...

    Please, for the love of all that is sacred and holy, leave the support group the hell alone. they've been a pleasure to work with in the times I've called them up (sometimes in a full on panic!) to either fix a broken job setup, or other things (like the time the mag pool ate itself on a double disk failure and took the entire array down; while the data was irrecoverable, their support staff helped this this panicked admin get the system back underway with a minimum of hassle.)

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