This is AI (answers on Definition questions, NIST TRED QA)

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    This is AI (answers on Definition questions, NIST TRED QA)

    This is AI (answers on Definition questions, NIST TRED QA):

    Question: All right, would you like to talk about moral issues?

    Answer: OK ...

    Question: May I ask you to spare some change?


    [2.8% Fyodor Dostoevsk_108]

    Esteeming, and so to say, adoring you, I may at the same time, very well indeed, be able to dislike some member of your family

    I used Dostoevsky's 'Brother Karamazov' and 'Crime and Punishment' as the data for his Lexical Clone, answering Definition. IBM Watson answers Factoid.

    This is Machine Learning:

    Question: I see that you would not like to fight. Where is you honor?


    [28.9% Fyodor Dostoevsk_175]

    Where are you going

    [18.9% Fyodor Dostoevsk_694]

    You are a lie, you are my illness, you are a phantom

    [17.7% Fyodor Dostoevsk_353]

    I thought you were

    [14.4% Fyodor Dostoevsk_353]

    Yes, you are, indeed

    [13.4% Fyodor Dostoevsk_353]

    You are very like Lizabetha Prokofievna

    Question: I challenge you!


    [100.0% History]

    I challenge you

    Having no his own words (which emotionally satisfy Dostoevsky) - he borrowed and memorized mine.

    The technology at the US PTO. Please verify my technology?

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