back to article High-cap enterprise hard drives stream dosh into Western Digital

Western Digital shipped a whole load of spinning bits into enterprise and hyperscale data centres in its third fiscal 2018 quarter, although overall disk units sold dropped 15.5 per cent on the year. In the three months to March 30, revenues were a tidy $5bn, compared to $4.6bn a year ago, up 8 per cent, but seasonally down on …

  1. luis river

    Hey WD Pals!!!!. When available the RRAM tech? The ultimate prediction was date limit august 2018 available Is true?

  2. Androgynous Cow Herd

    Unit of measure?

    If I just read what I think I read, revenue was up but units sold is down. Could be larger capacity drives mean less units shipped? Total capacity shipped may be another measure that bears scrutiny

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