back to article Drama brews on high seas as Playmobil ship running out of steam

A Playmobil pirate ships's journey to the Caribbean sea risks being scuppered as its supplies run low. The vessel, named Adventure by two Scottish brothers – Ollie Ferguson, 8, and Harry, 5 – and their family, set sail from the west coast of Africa last year. It was edging closer to Guyana when the brothers' dad, MacNeill …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I hope as is customary El Reg will do a Playmobil reconstruction ........ oh wait ........

  2. J27

    Wow, I had to check to see if this was a joke. This is some story, I wouldn't have believed that a small plastic ship filled with styrofoam would have actually made it across any appreciable body of water, let alone that far. I suppose being totally inedible is a big advantage.

    1. Shadow Systems Silver badge

      At J27, re: styrofoam.

      Wait... styrofoam is *NOT* edible? That can't be true, I've enjoyed cups of Ramen noodles for decades!

      Unlesssss.... wait. Are you supposed to eat the *noodles*? Damn! I've been doing it wrong!

    2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      "I suppose being totally inedible is a big advantage."

      It's PLASTIC!!!! Deliberately put into THE OCEAN!!! Won't someone think of the LITTLE FISHIES????

      Did any journos ask Attenborough for a comment on this story?

  3. Christoph

    I wonder why they didn't fit a solar panel? It should easily cope with a twice a day ping.

    1. Flakk
      1. Stoneshop Silver badge

        Solar panel weight

        Next to nothing. I just looked at the first 5V 1W panel available on AliBangDeal, and it would add a whopping 23 grams (5.47mJubs) to the vessel. They might have actually needed a few smaller ones in series because of available deck space though, but that wouldn't make much of a difference.

  4. Adrian 4 Silver badge

    Can't Elon Musk send a drone ship to recharge it ?

  5. Chris G

    It may be worth them contacting with the details, a Caribbean sailing security group who might be able to get the sailing fraternity to keep an eye out for the Adventure and give it a battery boost. Yachtties like this kind of thing.

    1. Roger Kynaston Silver badge

      Any other commentards going to the OCC* AGM

      I am sure any member of the said club would keep an eye out for it.

      Cool story though. SPB project for the future?

      * Ocean Cruising Club

      1. Mystic Megabyte

        Re: Any other commentards going to the OCC* AGM @Roger

        No but yesterday I was at the Longhope Sailing Club AGM where I became Vice-Commodore <blows trumpet> Our regatta will be in June most likely.

        Depending on the wind and tide, sailing up the bay can be a challenge. (See course, the link is to a png file)

        For spectators it is great , they can see the entire race from the pier or the pub. (recommended!)

        We have some very professional independent timekeepers, so no cheating.

        Also, if you consult the RYA's training charts you'll be able to say that you've sailed in the "Northern Territories". (RYA did some copy/paste)

        If you set sail now you might just make in time :)

        1. Roger Kynaston Silver badge

          Re: Any other commentards going to the OCC* AGM @Roger

          Plus one for the invite though I doubt I'll be making it there this year. Sounds like a fun event.

  6. choleric


    The Trans-Atlantic Yatch Live Online Reports by Satelite, With Interaction From Trawlers (and other nearby ocean going vessels), or TAYLOR SWIFT, for short (ish).

    Surely someone can do better than this?

    1. Stoneshop Silver badge

      Re: moniker

      Salty Dog: Ah, you see, they've already got one

      Uninformed landlubber #1: What?

      Uninformed landlubber #2: He says they've already got one

      Uninformed landlubber #1: Are you sure they've got one?

      Salty Dog: Oh, yes. It's very nice-a.

  7. Youngone Silver badge

    Kids of Today

    Those boys seem to have a great time.

    They now own Warwick Castle, right of conquest from the looks of things.

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