back to article Evolving elephants: Hortonworks trumpets its '3.0 vision' of global data management

Hortonworks – once known simply as a Hadoop-flinger – is these days pushing itself as a modern data architecture company. At its annual gabfest, this year held in Berlin, the message was that the biz had reached its 3.0 phase – but that's an evolution, not a reboot, said CTO Scott Gnau. "3.0 isn't like a pivot," he told The …

  1. Korev Silver badge

    "3.0 isn't like a pivot," he told The Register at the event yesterday. "It's the next phase that's built on the foundation of what's come before."

    What does that mean in English? Maybe some bright Spark could tell us...

    Yes, from orbit, it's the only way to be sure -->

  2. Teiwaz


    Maybe it's the unseasonal heat - but I read the headline and was initially confused over the attention on a model/toy railway company....

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