back to article VMware vids revealing new vSphere vanish

VMware appears set to launch a new version of vSphere. Late last week Virtzilla-watchers like Marcel van den Berg spotted some social media posts referring to the new release. Other VMware-watchers spotted posts about “vSphere 6.7”, but they quickly disappeared. A little cache-digging turns up efforts like a since-withdrawn …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What’s new in 6.7

    According to screenshots posted by several people that were taken from the YouTube videos, before they where taken down by VMware, the features in 6.7 that we’re hightlighted by VMware were the following:

    * ESXi Quick Boot

    * VM Encryption

    * TPM 2.0 + vTPM

    * VCSA Backup Scheduler

    * VM EVC

    1. TonyJ Silver badge

      Re: What’s new in 6.7

      So...exactly what was shown in the first screen shot in the article...

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