back to article Another week, another fistful of storage nouns comin' at ya like a breeze block to the frontal lobe

A concentrated storage blast has blown in after the Easter break, with substantial product announcements from Datrium, Nexenta and Rubrik. Other news from Intel, Nantero and Kingston was backed up with Huawei SPC-1 benchmark results, several funding events and exec moves. Grab yourself a cup of your favourite caffeinated or …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How to double your IOPs

    Get the system you're testing. Put artificial workload on it. Measure IOPs.

    Get another system exactly the same. Put same workload on the second one. Measure IOPs. Lo and behold you've doubled your IOPs.

    Like all synthetic benchmarks, unless they're showing you the exact workload you intend to use on the exact system you intend to buy, they have little value.

    Playing Top Trumps with specs is not the right way to go about buying storage. How many people buy their cars based on the manufacturer's claimed top speed?

  2. Secta_Protecta

    Rubrik Polaris

    So Rubrik continues its "stellar" growth by adding yet another product to its portfolio. I spent a short time working there and what I saw under the covers was a rush to add new products/functionality without stabilising what was already there, leading to data loss and/or corruption. I saw emails from customers demanding their money back due to these and other issues so I am very curious as to whether things have changed; until this is confirmed I'll remain cynical whenever this "unicorn" releases its latest blockbuster...

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