back to article Intel flogs off Wind River after it failed to deliver mobile supremacy

Intel has offloaded real-time OS-maker Wind River. Chipzilla for acquired the company in 2009 for a cool US$884M and declared “The acquisition will deliver to Intel robust software capabilities in embedded systems and mobile devices, both important growth areas for the company.” We all know how that worked out: Intel missed …

  1. Richard 12 Silver badge

    Can't say I'm surprised

    Practically nobody runs VXWorks on x86/AMD64

    It's almost exclusively MIPS, ARM, and PowerPC. I never saw how it could fit in with Intel's other products.

    1. HmmmYes

      Re: Can't say I'm surprised

      I see your mistake - You are applying logic and reason to a decision by Intel Capital.

      SOme of IC will have bought WR to get x86 in embedded, failing to realise the reason why you dont find much is that Intel only make a chip for about 2 years before scrapping it. MIPs and the like offer 15+ year life spans.

      Another genius in IC will have bought WR to stop supporting anything bu x86 - Ha Theyll have to come to us! Whats that, there are other RTOses? Really, there's more than one OS! Wow!

      Another IC will have bought it as hey been having around for years and had nothing to show.

      1. druck Silver badge

        Re: Can't say I'm surprised

        It's nothing compared to the gaff of selling off their ARM interests to Marvell.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          I preferred the DC Thomson cinematic universe personally

          @drunk; "It's nothing compared to the gaff of selling off their ARM interests to Marvell."

          Jeez, like those assholes don't already have enough IP for their endless bloody superhero movies.

          Does this mean they'll be supporting characters in the prequel to the third Avengers sequel, as a setup to a spin-off movie of their own (with a guest appearance by Iron Man who they need to do some ironing for them)?

          (I've just heard that "Age of the New Avengers XVII : ARM Man and Smartphone Chipset Boy vs. Intel the Deceptor, the Mid-Springtime Soldier" is scheduled to begin production on 23 September 2023, for expected release sometime before the heat death of the universe. It would have come out earlier, but they've got 237 re-re-re-boots of the Spiderman franchise that need time in cinemas before then.)

    2. hammarbtyp

      Re: Can't say I'm surprised

      "Practically nobody runs VXWorks on x86/AMD64"

      Well we do, but I must admit the restrictions were starting to hurt.

      In the embedded space ARM is the way forward , but even AMD64 was looking tempting because Intel just don't have much in the low power embedded space., On some products such as their hypervisor windriver did not support AMD.

      Being owned by Intel never made a lot of sense and severely restricted what windriver could support in terms of platform

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who owns SIMICS these days?

    The same kind of Intel M+A-advisor 'genius' that suggested buying WindRiver for VxWorks presumably was also responsible for Intel's purchase of Virtutech and in particular its SIMICS product (it's a full-system simulator, likely to appeal to serious chip+system developers of various kinds).

    IIRC, Intel subsequently rebranded Simics as "Wind River Simics".

    Anyway, where does SIMICS live today, and where is its future?

    The original developer of Simics, and founder of Virtutech, is Peter Magnusson, whose bio can be read at (no account necessary)

    which contains this interesting text about his activities in the last couple of years:

    "The Magnusson Institute is a newly formed California Nonprofit Corporation, whose worldwide mission is to support non-commercial alternatives for storing and processing personal information and managing personal data privacy, in the furtherance of technology use to promote personal health, wellness, and education. As our society grows more dependent on data about YOU - your health metrics, your movements, your actions, what you read and what you say - it is critical that we defend your rights to be aware of, to access, and to control all of this information."

    Interesting bio, interesting times. Worth a look (also includes, Google, Oracle and other names and technologies likely to be more familiar to El Reg readers than Virtutech are).

    Intel. The x86 company. Sell (while you can).

  3. elhvb

    What's in a name. "It all seems like hot air to me..."

  4. soulg

    In the future they "flog off" Mobileye too. One wonders why Intel throws away billions of dollars on the same mistake.

  5. hammarbtyp

    I think the big takeaway from this is that Intel have given up any ambition in the mobile market and have have retrenched in there cash cow, PC and Servers.

    Can't see it being a winning long term strategy myself, but maybe they have a plan....

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