back to article Ahh, long weekend. Refreshed? Great, now purge yourself with all the storage you missed

DDN is chief among this week's round-up of tasty storage nuggets: it has jumped on the GPU bandwagon and fed Nvidia's DGX-1 souped-up server, claiming it's the fastest data source for said super box. DDN has said its EXAscaler DGX system, based on its ES14KX all-flash array, delivers 33GB/sec throughput to Nvidia's DGX-1 GPU …

  1. Alister Silver badge

    Refreshed? Great, now purge yourself

    I'm not sure you really wanted to say purge? Purge suggests an enforced emptying...

    Gorge yourself is probably more what you meant...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    World Backup Day? Puurleeze.

    When are we going to stop hearing all the crap about better Backup (denser tapes, clever clouds, virtual objects, ooooh DNA back up n storage? Yawn.

    How about the vendors putting there 'whotnots' on the block and actually talking about RECOVERY for a change. RESTORE me from Cloud/Object/30TB tapes etc.

    How long to rebuild a 20TB critcal system, along with all data, from <<INSERT TOSS TECH>>?


    As they say, "Back up is boring, Restore is very exciting." Career-threatening, even.

    But all we hear is faster back ups...

    1. BlastRadius

      Funny you should mention that

      Oh how the sausage is made. Nobody asks about restore performace with real production (how many clients?) environments. That is where the benchmarks *really* should be measuring. Getting the bits OUT of the can is the important part.

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