back to article Here is your low down on TensorFlow updates, France's AI strategy, and a new DeepMind lab

Here's your weekly AI roundup. There were new announcements from Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference and Google's TensorFlow Dev Summit while France announced its own national AI strategy in a report and vowed €1.5bn in public funding. TensorFlow conference - Google hosted the TensorFlow Dev Summit on Friday in Mountain View, …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Wild Guess

    Access to data is key to training AI models. The report called for a policy that will provide “an opportunity to speed up the opening of public data”. But warned that must be in line with the rules in the General Data Protection Regulation that will be enforced on 25 May.

    Perhaps declaring AI as a national security matter so all the extent public/private data is gathered under this umbrella and its now GDPR allowed use? Also invokes the sovereignty concern.

  2. JJ780

    Edmonton Canada

    Correction for you.

    You mention Deepmind's international locations but left out the first one they opened. I suspect I know where the confusion lies...

    The Edmonton they are referring to below is not the suburb of London but the city of Edmonton in Canada.

    From Deepmind's website: "We continue to be based in our hometown of London, with additional research centres in Edmonton and Montreal, Canada, and a DeepMind Applied team in Mountain View, California."

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