back to article Sydney readers: Join Vulture South for beer and sympathy in April

Every Friday, The Register publishes On-Call, a Reg-reading IT Pro’s tale of woe when called upon to provide tech support. The column’s built up a bit of a following, so we’re going to cash in and turn it into an event that we think of as "a support group for tech support people." If you show up at our Sydney offices at Level …


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  1. TheOtherMe

    Shame about the timing

    Alas, for me the timing is out - I don't work those silly 'office hours' most of you suffer through. But I do wish you well, and hope the event is successful.

  2. Faceless Man

    Damn, can't get there for Thursday. Unfortunately, all my friends in Sydney have moved elsewhere, so I can't really encourage them to go to this, either.

  3. GoldCoaster

    Bit more notice next time?

    I can possibly time one of my Sydney visits to attend but need a bit more notice, and although I'm no longer on call (praise be) I have many years of stories to share...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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