back to article You bet your DRaaS: Infinidat squeezes out new backup, array and cloud compute products

A flurry of array related activity came out of Infinidat today. Well, it is a Tuesday so why the hell not. The big iron vendor told us it is squeezing out a higher capacity model, it is releasing a faster restore backup target array and a "data centre black box" billed as a zero data loss disaster recovery system, and enabling …

  1. baspax


    It's cool tech but never got any traction. It's one of those thing everyone loves to take a meeting about, listen to the pitch and imagine its implementation, but when it comes to allocating a budget, it's the first thing to be dropped from a BOM.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yeesh, the Grand Torino wasn't this freaking big...

    Infinidat insiders:

    ..."Guys, in this era if consolidation, let's build storage that uses up all of that blank rack space that folks have available now! They don't really want to save on power and cooling, that is a myth!

    That Nimble Cloud Volume product sounds pretty sweet, and they keep talking about analytics and IOPS and stuff, let's get something out there with those words!

    And hey, if our existing 200 customers buy our other products, we could quadruple our customer base!"

    ...boat anchors shaped like storage racks, and every bit as useful in a datacenter! Leave storage to the storage folks, if you want to sell racks, just design a cool new one for real storage companies to put their gear in!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Yeesh, the Grand Torino wasn't this freaking big...

      If you're going to troll, at least make it sound sensible.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Yeesh, the Grand Torino wasn't this freaking big...

        I mean, seems on point to me:

        - huge rack scale storage vendor

        - releasing cloud option that is EXACTLY like another vendor already has released

        - private company that doesn't release customer counts (and if they were really impressive, someone would let it slip, we all know that)

        And last but not least, the Grand Torino was a huge car!

        Comedic license exercised, sure but "trolling"? Not an accurate description.

        1. gregnsk

          Re: Yeesh, the Grand Torino wasn't this freaking big...

          Hi, this is Gregory Touretsky from INFINIDAT.

          If you zoom out, there are many "storage vendors" who do storage. But we understand there are differences in functionality, support, overall user experience, etc.

          For example, Nimble Cloud Volumes are, as the name implies, volumes. You can create a LUN and mount it to a cloud instance. However, there is no option for real multicloud sharing.

          Neutrix Cloud, on the other hand, offers both block devices and NFS file systems. You may have a single NFS file system simultaneously accessible from multiple clouds.

          If you're really interested to explore Neutrix, please apply for a pilot access via

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The next time Infinidat comes out with a unique idea will be it's that SSD's starting to slip into products? Uhoh, sales guys gonna need to back track on that pitch.

  4. mikeymac

    10 out of 10 Anonymous Cowards HATE Infinidat!

    1. briancarmody

      The highest TPS (troll promoter score) in the biz!

  5. nebuli

    I'm intrigued

    Trolls aside, the Infinisync product - if it works as advertised - and eliminates bunker sites will dramatically reduce costs for cascaded replication.

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