back to article ACCC clamping down on Premium Billing Direct payments

Telstra's latest run-in with Australia's competition regulator has seen the nation's dominant carrier confess to scamming up to 100,000 customers through premium services to which they did not consent. At issue is the misuse of Telstra's premium direct billing (PDB) service, which allowed customers to have content billed to …

  1. Likkie

    Why so greedy????

    What ticks me off most about this kind of story involving an entity like Telstra is that they are already wildly profitable and hold an almost monopolistic position over vast segments of the market due to previously having an actual monopoly.

    It's not the greed which astonishes and appalls me but the level of greed.

    1. Rattus Rattus

      Re: Why so greedy????

      Got to produce ever-rising returns for the shareholder. There is never such a thing as "enough" in a capitalist system, it demands infinite growth and ever-increasing profits.

      1. Richocet

        Re: Why so greedy????

        Interesting observation.

        Does this mean that all businesses will eventually become fraudulent and criminal?

        Banks used to be quite trustworthy (a long time ago), and when you see what has come up in the Australian Royal Commission into banking so far, the misconduct, deception, and fraud is substantial. It got me wondering about dishonesty in business, and I see the inevitability of your answer.

        1. Rattus Rattus

          Re: Why so greedy????

          Fraudulent? Yes, if they can get away with it. Criminal? Well, not if you can buy enough politicians to make it legal.

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