back to article Everybody loves Microsoft's open switch software, SONiC

This week's networking news roundup isn't only “what happened at the Open Compute Project summit?” – there's also news from F5, Palo Alto Networks, and Dell EMC. Microsoft coordinated a bunch of announcements at the Open Compute Project summit this week, centred around its SONiC open switch software platform. Microsoft and …

  1. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    Let's play word association games...

    When I mention:-

    "Microsoft Open Networking"

    What phrase comes into your mind?

    "DNS Black Hole"

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Let's play word association games...

      You are being unfair, but let's make it clear - it is not Open.

      Pull the git histories on the project and see its governance.

      The git history is self-explantory.

      So is the governance. Microsoft is sole benevolent dictator. Nobody else has a say. As a result the fact that it is on github means quite a little.

      By the way to el-reg reporting. Next time before you go into cheer-leading mode, do a more in-depth analysis. Compared to OPX which was presented on the same junket SoNIC is a bit of a dead end. It has a hardwired restriction list on what it is allowed to do by at least some of the low-level chipset vendors (Broadcom comes to mind). So, while useful for MSFT's own Azure project it will never get anywhere outside Azure.

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