back to article Coverity Scan code checker's systems crypto-jacked to run cheeky mining op

The systems of freebie open-source code scanning tool Coverity Scan were hacked and abused to run a cryptocurrency mining operation, its operator has confirmed. Synopsys, the firm behind Coverity Scan, said its corporate systems were not affected by the previously unexplained incident, which resulted in the suspension of the …

  1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    a well-known computer forensics company

    Could there be any good reason not to name them? It seems odd not to.

  2. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    I got an email about that but assumed it was simply a scam/phishing trip. After all if your links are like:

    WTF do you expect any reasonably paranoid software developer to do? I kind of assume it is the more paranoid ones who actually care enough to check their code for programming bugs using the service in the first place, but I may be wrong.

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