back to article Hello, Spotify? Are you on? Perils and pratfalls of own-brand hardware

As Spotify nears an IPO, it is edging towards making home music gear, with a voice-powered speaker the most likely debutant. The streaming music pioneer confirmed this week that, yes, it was testing native voice control for a few users of its iPhone app. Last month Music Ally discovered that Spotify was advertising for an …

  1. tiggity Silver badge

    How many

    .."AI" speakers you talk to does a home need? *

    Wont the Amazon, Google etc."AI speakers" have the ability to interface to spotify and so cut out the need for a spotify speaker?

    * in my household the answer is zero but YMMV

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: How many

      Yep. And they have their own streaming services too.

    2. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

      Re: How many

      Presumably the Spotify box would be a higher-quality actual speaker, or would pretend to be. Like the Beats brand.

  2. Benny

    I want a standalone player again

    What I want is a small standalone device for playing music.

    Basically, an Ipod Mini that fits in the cash pocket of my jeans, but for spotify.

    It could sync to my phone to update playlists etc, but have untethtered offline playlists. That way I can use my phone for phone stuff, and have my music separate, and not have my battery being used up.

    1. Akko

      Re: I want a standalone player again

      If you can do without a display, there's the mighty ( which basically does exactly what you describe. Pretty much an iPod Shuffle for Spotify.

  3. Norman Nescio Silver badge


    Go on, tell us what you'd do.

    Offer FLAC downloads of tracks mastered before the loudness wars.

    Or, if you prefer, WAV, or any of the other lossless formats, compressed or not, so long as it has a flexible metadata system.

    I know this is a licensing issue, and not a technology issue, but it saddens me to see ever more ingenuity and effort going in to selling tat, when there are no hindrances to the good product being available, other than the greed of the intellectual property owners (who are usually not the musicians).

    Too many people make unreasonable amounts of money from the current system for there to be any near-term prospect of change, but there are other models that allow music creators to get paid without artificially restricting the distribution of their works.

  4. yoganmahew

    Take the money and run

    Take the IPO billions, sell my shares ASAP and retire to listen to my vinyl collection, leaving the dying husk of the mono medium wave-only tranny to shrivel to a price where it gets bought by Google and closed down a few years later as they mismanage the sh1t out of it.

    That's what I'd do if I was Mr. Spotify!

  5. teknopaul Silver badge

    offline voice activated

    A voice activated player that plays my unsorted music collection from a NAS, on my hifi, and does not ever ever send what it hears on the mic to the Internet would be nice.

    Random mode with voice activated

    "What is this again?"

    "Who wrote this?"

    "What label is this on?"

    "Where did you find this?"

    "How long since I last listen to it?"

    "Have I got any remixes?"

    Would be handy for an addled ol raver like me.

    Perhaps AI mode could try to answer

    "Why on earth did I pay good money for this?"

  6. Gustavo Fring

    Gotta laugh

    I remember , on another forum , I said I'd rather have a single mono hifi speaker rather than two crappy stereo speakers .. wooohaaay mono is back. Everything that is old is new. I still stick with stereo rather than 4.1/5/1/7.1 or other newer speaker . I am amazed nobody mentions that to these speaker mfrs ? mono ? sirirllsy?

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