back to article Yahoo! Can't! Toss! Hacking! Lawsuit!

The remains of Yahoo! will be forced to defend the class action complaint filed by customers whose data was exposed in the 2014 megahack. ON Friday Judge Lucy Koh denied in part a motion by parent company Verizon to have the complaint thrown out of court. The scope of the suit, however, was narrowed as parts were dismissed. …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    I do hope this will go through

    Between HP advertising a laptop with Internet access and then removing the access, and countless companies promising secure email and not delivering, I hope this trial will reach judgement and will find that a promise made by a company is BINDING, because I am sick and tired of hearing of companies getting out of plain-text promises simply because they suppose nobody should actually believe them.

    Look, I understand that high-level, highly paid executives need to lie all the time, but when you advertise something it is high time that we get back to the days when you're supposed to deliver on your promises.

    Yahoo! is dog meat anyway, might as well make an example out of it.

    1. bombastic bob Silver badge
      IT Angle

      Re: I do hope this will go through

      Does Yahoo! own any intellectual property?

      /me imagines Yahoo! becoming a patent/lawsuit trollhouse like SCO...


  2. Mark 85 Silver badge

    or agree to pay out a settlement to make the suit lawyers go away.

    FTFY. The plaintiffs will be lucky to make more than a pittance while the lawyers will get a pile of cash (if they win).

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    an to think that guy turned down Ballmer's millions

  4. FullyGroan


    I've been trying to report that their "cached" search on the UK site points to for months with no luck! Wouldn't hold your breath.

    1. DavCrav

      Re: Security?

      "I've been trying to report that their "cached" search on the UK site points to for months with no luck! Wouldn't hold your breath."

      Wait. Yahoo does search? I thought it was an e-mail and vulnerability disclosure company.

      1. AmyInNH

        Re: Security?

        They were a web directory, long ago. But web content blew up and was replaced by search utilities. I'm sure Google will die, as web continues to balloon and search returns more and more insignificant results.

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. GnuTzu

    A Company Called "Oath"

    That's like saying "trust us; we're a corporation." I'm going to be chuckling about this for the next week or so.

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