back to article Pure now a billion-dollar revenue biz as Dell EMC, HPE take eyes off prize

Flash array shipper Pure is now officially a billion-dollar turnover organ and appears poised to finally reach profitability as competition from Dell EMC and HPE contines to wane. For Q4 ended 31 January 2018, revenues were up 48 per cent year-on-year to $338.3m, jumping 34 per cent up on the previous quarter in a seasonal end …

  1. baspax


    This is actually quite impressive, who would have thought?

    For what it's worth, the chatter I am hearing (from Pure reps and SEs as well as channel) is that they are -very- successful in healthcare. The Pure SEs are also bragging about a large number of VxRail VDI implementations which they fixed by adding a FlashArray.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Impressive

    Yep, they managed to get Epic certification early on, and that, along with the benefits of flash in massive user environments results in right place/right time wins.

    Can't take the win away from them, hard fought, and congrats!

    ...Nimble is still the best AFA though!

    1. WYSIWYG650

      Re: Impressive

      name one thing Nimble can do that is unique? I'll wait...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Interesting that you strip all the competitors back to just their flash portfolios to enhance the compare. The article is about the company performance. Pure is a storage company (that just happened to only do flash) so why aren't you comparing it with the overall storage performance of other companies. Also interesting that the 2 'poor' performers you pick out are Dell who are admittedly tanking, and HPE which grew 24% yoy. And you call out IBM as a success (7% growth I think after 22 quarters of decline), and Netapp (8% growth I think). Interesting conclusion you arrived at!

  4. DavidCarter

    Great products, but bad management. Who keeps propping this company up with money if it still makes a loss? Surely someone should sort out the profit margins/R&D spend a bit :P

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Genuine question - how long can they continue as a standalone storage company? They're currently benefiting from the transition of enough legacy arrays to all flash arrays, but that pool is shrinking. How many new workloads are going onto block arrays these days, and how many organisations are probably buying their last storage array before they transition to something software defined or in the cloud? They may make hay for a year or 2 but either need a quite significant new product, or to be acquired. But if the latter, by whom?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    EMC 2.0 now? YES!

    If you look at Pure's latest hires in management and in the trenches the last quarter its almost ALL from EMC. They are going to go from cool kid to cookie cutter EMC culture in no time flat and will then cannibalize itself. Hope it doenst happen but fear its inevitable.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: EMC 2.0 now? YES!

      When Pure walks out someone like Skogs, a guy who gave everything and bled orange, I would say this statement is 100% on the right track.

  7. JBird

    Not much time left....

    My $0.2 on this is Pure doesn't have much time left to become "successful" be that turning a profit or getting bought out. The world of I.T. has moved on to infrastructure that obliterates the demarcation lines between compute, storage and networking. Look at the surge of hyper-converged or composable. Now sprinkle NVMe based media into the equation and you have the ability to do some really interesting things. Super high velocity infrastructure. No TORs. I have a feeling we will look back at these days as we do now in looking at gen1 mobile phones, when we racked/stacked hundreds/thousands of individual components, Frankenstein it all up, cross our fingers and hit the enter key.. 'How did those old guys make that stuff work?', they'll be asking in the future. You know, in the next 24 months..

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