back to article German government confirms hackers blitzkrieged its servers to steal data

The German Interior ministry has confirmed that it has identified a serious attack against its servers, amidst reports that the culprits were the Russian APT28 – aka Fancy Bear – hacking group. On Wednesday local news site DPA International reported that the German government discovered a serious intrusion into its servers in …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    a year? you mean not one security sysop looked at either the firewall appliances or the logs for a whole year, or notice or thought to mention anything unusual?

    I think that says more about their security than Fancy Bears skill.

    1. Brandfire

      It wouldn't be an advanced persistent threat if it wasn't an advanced persistent threat...

      1. Mark 85

        Just because the attackee says it was "advanced, persistent" doesn't make it so. If no one was checking the fortress walls, how would they know if they were breached by a hammer or high tech equipment? We've seen/read about the mess of various unsecured servers in the civilian world, so why doesn't that apply to governments? IIRC, the US government has been hit due to similar "misconfigurations" and inadequate safeguards.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Insert yet more Russian bogeyman waffle

    Is this the same Germany where the NSA bugged Chancellor Merkel's mobile phone. ref ref.

    1. Kabukiwookie
      Black Helicopters

      Re: Insert yet more Russian bogeyman waffle

      No, you misread that.

      It was the 3v1l Rooskies...

      They also spied on EU trade delegates to gain advantage in trade negotiations between the EU and the US and they were responsible for spying on Airbus and gave the information to Boeing.

      Not to mention that it was actually the russians who were responsible for bombing North Vietnam with napalm and supporting Pinochet to oust Allende.

      Those damn russians.

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Insert yet more Russian bogeyman waffle

        It matters not who did what, but if I were the Russians I'd avoid stirring the shit out of the Germans no matter how tough Putin thinks he is. That is one sleeping giant you really don't want to re-awaken.

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Live Market Options for Derivative Future Puts/Bets

    and its choice of targets suggest that Putin and his pals might have Fancy Bear dancing to their tune. .... Iain Thomson in San Francisco

    Then again, they might not, and Fancy Bear APT28 may be just concerned and energised citizens deciding to help Putin and his pals in areas in which they have an outstanding and unrivalled expertise. And if they be spun as Renegade Rogue Non State Actors and Alienating Freelancers, then have we an altogether different reality to consider and a new effective politically adept force/raw core source.

  4. adam payne

    On Wednesday local news site DPA International reported that the German government discovered a serious intrusion into its servers in December 2017. The attack is thought to have seen data exfiltrated for up to a year before its discovery.

    A year and no sysadmin saw anything, seriously?

  5. Geronimo!

    Hey El Reg, you going al SUN, Daily Mail or Fox News now?

    No official resources communicated the actual assumption, that APT28 was caught red handed here.

    And although it seems likely, so far no official findings were published, apart from a "we isolated the attack and have it under control".

    And to all the Super Pros here:

    Whoever attacked or infiltrated probably has put some effort and thought into his attack, so the attack stays under the radar. It's not like a Mr. Trump, who'd go in in broad daylight, waving his USB stick at the security guards and copies the entire internet on it.

    Attack without being found out for as long as possible is what they specialised in. If it'd be that easy to find out you're leaking data - joints like APT28 wouldn't last that long... or the NSA, BND, MAD etc. etc.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How do they know it was Fancy Bear and not Covert Duck?

  7. EnviableOne

    If in Doubt ...

    Blame the Fancy Bear

    or if you dont want to blame the russians

    Blame Lazarus

    1. JCitizen

      Re: If in Doubt ...

      or blame Boris Badenov! Hmmph-meh!

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