back to article Want ScaleIO virtual SAN software? You'll need to buy Dell servers

Dell will only sell its hugely scalable ScaleIO virtual SAN software product inside its VxRAck FLEX hyperconverged system from now on – the software-only version has been canned. ScaleIO was founded in Israel, 2011, to build hugely scalable virtual SANs, aggregating local storage on server nodes into a single, logical block …

  1. baspax


    I fondly remember deploying ScaleIO on 500 t2.micro EC2 instances and (jokingly) needling my EMC rep why my VMAX AF can’t keep up with the IOPS.

    But a bit more seriously, does Dell have ARM servers? One of the great advantages of ScaleIO is/was its capability to run on ARM. This seems to be gone now.

    1. LeguanArne

      Re: Sucks

      *Dell EMC employee here*

      No, ScaleIO has never ran on ARM, only x86, up until now, ScaleIO 2.5 added client support for AIX on Power as well.

      1. Bobsbuddy

        Re: Sucks

        Pre acquisition the scaleio website claimed ARM support, heck the register even reported on it.

  2. Pistolero

    Dell > EMC

    Another sign that the Dell box-shifting mentality seems to be defeating the EMC "buy what you want, we'll work with it" one.

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