back to article US national security agency sniffs around Broadcom bid for Qualcomm – reports

The tale of the Qualcomm and Broadcom merger has taken a turn for the surreal, with The Men In Black (aka the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States – CFIUS) taking an interest. CFIUS, an inter-agency panel that reviews the national security implications of foreign investments in the US, is likely a little …

  1. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Moving their headquarters to the states?

    Headquarters = one person answering the phone?

  2. mhenriday

    Running scared

    The US, being made greater, we are assured, by the day, seems to be scared of its shadow (a phenomenon which long antedates Mr Trump's accession to (the illusion of) power). What's happened to that Shining City on a Hill ?...


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