back to article Want cheaper analytics? Snub SaaS: Ye olde ELAs might do the job

Pricing and licensing "are central to all data and analytics initiatives" and vendors are using organisations' enthusiasm for the field to coin it at your expense. But controlling costs is more than possible, Gartner principal analyst Etisham Zaidi said yesterday at the firm's Asia-Pacific Data and Analytics Summit in Sydney. …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Mentioning those rival products"

    The trick here is identifying the products arch-nemesis, they always have at least one.. Sometimes vendors are so desperate for market share (rather than profit) that they will sell at a loss, just to win the business... don't think this only applies to multi-million pound purchases (This is possible even for SME's, if you do it at the right time).

    The downside though, this can get stressful.. as not only are you playing chicken with the vendor, you are also fighting to get the purchase signed off internally a lot quicker than you normally would..

  2. jake Silver badge

    During the meanwhile ...

    ... most sensible outfits have always snubbed SaaS.

  3. Korev Silver badge


    After a lot of fuss about Hadoop/Spark at my work (drug discovery); almost no one uses it any more. In which industries is it widely used?

    1. Gordon 10

      Re: Usage?

      Its all over finance and telecoms like a rash.

      I expect you couldn't wean your SAS nutters off onto Spark. I used to have the same problem a hard core of "Data Scientists" who refused to do anything with stats on Hadoop until SAS on Yarn was ready. Half of them were ex-Big Pharma.

      To be fair tho they had some the most rigorous of Dev practises I have ever seen, lots of control/test datasets and great test cases, lots of parallel/competing implementation of algo's. Shame most of them went a bit doolally when those standards weren't enforced in our company - different industry.

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