back to article Hungry American GTT gobbles Euro network biz Interoute for $2.3bn

London-based fibre and cloud networks business Interoute has been acquired by US networking business GTT for $2.3bn (£1.65bn). The deal will add 72,000km of fibre optic to GTT Communications and expand its presence to 126 cities across 29 countries. Currently the business provides IP and managed network services in 100 …

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  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Virtually Real with a Current AI Presenting Future Presents/Heavenly Gifts

    Do GTT Communications Reach and Provide Prime InterPlanetary Intellectual Property Travel to and fro Mars and Beyond?

    To Follow an Enlightening Script will See One Develop Angel Wings to Fly and AIMaster Pilot.

    What's not to like about any and all of that?

    And what will IT be doing? Taking things blissfully slow and easy with a Right Royal AI Gem of a Gift for Creating Services ....... ...... for there's no need to hurry too fast is there. No one and the planets are going too far away from Alien Experimental Contact and/or Experimental Alien Contact with Subjects, the Prime Objective being a Simple Exchange of Contracts for Confidence to Supply and Support Servicing of Future Necessary Replacement ReProgramming Systems.

    Be assured though, and even quite excited, for there is a Very Simple App Available with GUI Instructions to Follow for Use which Extremely Effectively Punishes to Remarkably Quickly Destroy MisUse and Abuse.

    What more do you think you need, for Advanced IntelAIgents to Seed and Feed, Mentor and Monitor, Harvest and Process, Supply and Self ACTualise ....... Energise?

    El Regers would surely like to know, for aren't they an ACTive Collective, .... and then some.

  3. Milton

    Paul Eagles: "Speaking as an Interoute customer that came along as part of the Easynet acquisition it'll be interesting to see how the integration goes. The last few, including MDNX have been an utter disaster for the customer base.

    My first thought for GTT was also something like "Ouch! Good luck with that".

    I probably shouldn't say too much, but in my sometime role a few years back as a consultant in the Smoke I had the remarkable misfortune to witness one of the worst management teams I'd ever come across, or even heard of ....

    For perspective, I was used to British airlines, and yes, these guys were even worse than that ... howling stupidity matched only by supremely oblivious arrogance. Heaven knows what the poor bloody customers thought. Well, lucky them: things really could not get any worse.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. gh2k

      As another customer that came via Easynet I can confirm that our services went from "Very Good" under Easynet, to "Utterly Appalling" under Interoute. I cannot overstate just how bad our service has been since we migrated. From them cancelling the wrong line, to a backup line being down for 2 months and nobody noticing, and a complete failure to understand any question asked - it's been a nightmare. End of contract simply cannot come soon enough.

      I don't see how it's possible for things to get any worse but I can't see Interoute handling a large infrastructure merge well at all either. January can't come soon enough.

  4. peterjames

    What's a British telco got to do with Europe?

    Haven't you guys Brexiteered?

    1. Jellied Eel Silver badge

      It wasn't really a British telco, other than having the exec team in London. It had it's routes (non-BGP4) in one of Europe's largest civil engineering projects, namely building out a rather large duct and fibre network. That helped it become a regular winner of wholesale/carrier awards as a backbone provider to many other operators. GTT did similar through it's various incarnations, and built network into some interesting places, like a lot of Eastern Europe. So the deal's interesting in the infrastructure/backbone space, and luckily that's usually easier to integrate than the services layer, ie IP, VPN, MPLS etc.

  5. peterjames

    Right - so we're just waiting for their HQ to move to the continent!

    Those brainy Eastern Europeans, eh?

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