back to article Mobile network O2 UK leaps into 5G test bed with Greenwich trial

O2 UK is the latest operator to jump on the "5G test bed" bandwagon, with plans to trial the tech at the iconic former Millennium Dome in North Greenwich later this year. Installation of the network will begin in March, with demos scheduled of 5G-enabled virtual reality, augmented reality and live streaming in select areas of …

  1. djstardust

    Oh well .....

    GPRS here. Might live long enough to get data that works at some point then .....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Oh well .....

      Pay the monthly subs and take the crumbs you are given, there is probably at least five flashy, expensive mobile phone shops in your nearest town to complain (with no signal coverage within half a mile of the outskirts of that town).

      Remember, we're selling you a dream if you live rurally or commute by train, regards 3G/4G. Narcissistic weasels Ofcom/Theresa May doesn't give a shit so why should we?


      The Big 4.

  2. sal II

    Big four...

    " It was ranked as the worst of the four big mobile players in the UK"

    There are only 4 mobile players, the rest are virtual networks piggybacking with performance dependent on the physical network they are running off, so not really comparable.

  3. Roland6 Silver badge

    O2 Arena 5G

    This is potentially quite a good testbed. I assume at some point O2 will give concert goer's 5G devices so that they can truely load test the effects of 20,000 users on a 5G cell.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: O2 Arena 5G

      Is it really 5G or the equivalent of a stadium deployment of a distributed antenna system (DAS)? Sounds like the latter, with a bit of o2 bandwagon jumping on 5G technologies.

      It's not really the same as deploying 5G at street level in say, the City of London.

      The fibre optic backhaul deployment for each 5G cell deliberately never gets mentioned in these announcements.

      The biggest thing regarding any deployment of 5G is both logistics and how much your backhaul full fibre contract/datacentre processing is going to cost you to deploy/run.

      The actual 5G antennae deployment is probably the least of your worries in the scheme of things. I don't see this project as a 5G trial as such, whatever o2 are saying.

    2. Mage

      Re: O2 Arena 5G

      Ha Ha.

      It's just chargeable WiFi.

      You'd be lucky to have 20 users with actual decent frame rate & quality physics.

      The 5G isn't really about new bands or higher speed or more capacity. We reached the Shannon limit more than 12 years ago. The 4G is more efficient than 3G with multiple users. With one user on the same signal level and channel size there is almost ZERO difference between 3G, 4G and so called 5G.

      The 5G is supposed to be about integration. The 4G can only do VOIP for voice, 3G and 2G have native codecs, so ironically per MHz of channel they are more efficient than 4G for voice. The 2G is more robust than 3G because 3G cell varies in size with number of users (largely cured in 4G). The 4G is mainly faster because the channels can be 20MHz instead of 5MHz (thus 4x faster for one user with perfect signal).

      All these 5G Press Releases are just um, PR :)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    20,000 users on a 5G cell {facepalm}.

    20,000 users on a 5G cell {facepalm}.

  5. Jan 0 Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Is it really, really 5G?

    Or is it just the 4G that we were anticipating back when we got fobbed off with LTE renamed "4G"?

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