back to article Scality CEO: About that C-suite throttling...

More details have emerged of C-suite axe swinging at Scality with chief marketing officer Paul Turner getting the chop - still he lasted longer than his predecessor. The latest departure comes weeks after the object storage software startup split with president and COO Erwan Menard in early January. CEO Jerome Lecat told The …

  1. cloudguy

    Mr. Lecat says we don't need a stinking C-suite at Scality

    Well, I know Paul Turner who was until recently the CMO at Scality. Prior to that, Paul was CMO at Cloudian. You will not find a more hands-on CMO than Paul. That said when his predecessor only lasted four months at Scality, it should have been a warning sign about the company's prospects.

    It wasn't too long ago that Mr. Lecat was talking about a Scality IPO and then HPE invested $10M in Scality. Well, the IPO never happened probably because Scality has not broken through the $100M level in annual revenue. HPE got a good look at Scality for their $10M and apparently decided not to buy the company even though HPE has no object-based storage product to call its own. More recently, HPE cut a deal with Cloudian to sell Cloudian HyperStore in EMEA. Why would HPE do this after putting $10M into Scality? The easy answer is HPE was not closing deals with Scality in EMEA.

    The C-suite headcount at Scality is likely being reduced because Scality is not closing the business deals it needs to support the number of employees on its payroll. Funding provides a runway for business development, but cash "burn" can shorten the runway if it is too high compared to the revenue being booked. Looks more like Scality has too low a revenue per employee number to continue in business without cutting headcount.

    1. baspax

      Re: Mr. Lecat says we don't need a stinking C-suite at Scality

      I was engaged with Scality in a number of opportunities over the years. For a while they kept ignoring us because our HPE relationship is lukewarm at best. We worked a lot with SwiftStack and lately also with Cloudian.

      Frankly, we saw Scality as a soon-to-be-acquired by HPE company and didn't want to bring them into our accounts as we feared we would suddenly an HPE footprint. To us it also looked like they were only working with HPE reps on HPE opportunities. Then suddenly a year or so ago we noticed them knocking at our door (we are a large regional SI/VAR) which always struck us as weird. All their enablement decks were still full of HPE products, logos, success stories, etc.

      Unfortunately for them, we don't trust them anymore.

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