back to article Good luck, have fun: Thanks Xeon SP, now SPEC benchmarks blurt out hundreds of results

Ah, the good old days of server benchmarks, when CPU variations were few and clock rates ruled the roost. Now we have four different Xeon SP CPU families, one with two model lines, and each family has its own set of CPUs with differing core counts, threads and clock rates. Vendors put these in either blade or rackmount servers …

  1. Steve K

    Xeon SP

    I thought that the new Xeon SP nomenclature was also meant to make (Intel) CPU selection/comparison easier?

    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: Xeon SP

      "meant to make (Intel) CPU selection/comparison easier?"

      When vendors think of making things easier they're probably thinking of making things easier for themselves. The more confused the buyer is the easier it is to sell the most proftable item.

  2. Aitor 1

    Patch level

    So, do we know if the systems perform like this after security patching? I would say no.

  3. richard?

    Uninformed rant

    Did you decide to write this as a rant, and then ignore all the evidence?

    On the link you provided you can filter the data pretty much any way you want, or download it in CSV format to the spreadsheet / database or your choice. The link is even right at the top of the page and craftily labelled Search... obviously they were trying to hide it.

    I get the bit about price, but a. that changes all the time and b. recommended prices are for idiots and c. if you have specific requirements, you normally narrow down the search to a bunch of options, then look for prices

  4. ScissorHands
    Black Helicopters

    Huawei-t, what?

    Are there shenanigans afoot with that Huawei result?

  5. Named coward

    We entered these in our own spreadsheet – how stupid is that?

    Very much, given you can download a csv data dump and import that into your spreadsheet.

  6. ColonelClaw

    It would indeed be nice if someone (from SPEC) put together an enterprise version of this:

    Dead simple drop-downs and clearly laid out results.

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