back to article nbn™'s HFC fix will see connections tested from March to July 2018

nbn™, the company building and operating Australia's national broadband network (NBN), has advised households connected to its hybrid fibre-coax network to expect a visit between March 7th 2018 and July 27th 2018. An "inspection and maintenance notice" sent to your correspondent said a physical inspection is necessary "to …

  1. Knoydart

    Comments I saw elsewhere appeared to infer that the connectors used by Telstra previously didn't have a broad enough frequency response to carry the re-jigged nbn co HFC signals. As now the HFC network needs to convey both DVB-C as well as broadband required under the MTM plan.

    Good like Australia, here on the east island, we kind of feel your pain, but our 85%+ ftth network is coming on nicely, so we get to read all about the nbn issues before you do.

  2. -tim

    HFC = Cable TV network

    We had the overgrown Cable TV network connection installed at the office and the speed was about half the speed of the ADSL. They couldn't switch it back and they couldn't fix it. I ordered a new ADSL service via Internode's online system and once that was installed, I canceled the HFC. At least there are some options for going back even if they powers that be claim there aren't.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Dammned if they do, slowly dammned if they don't

    I was hoping the did not have a fix and would run the real stuff to the door, silly me

    1. Snow Wombat

      Re: Dammned if they do, slowly dammned if they don't

      Meanwhile I am living in an area that was part of the pilot, and I am on a comfy 100/ 50 FTTH link.

      Gotta tell you.. it's awesome.

  4. andro

    Im getting a solid 45mbit on my 25mbit docsis 3 telstra cable at the moment.. but it went down for 4 days at the end of last week. Telstra couldnt tell me what the fault was and the outage eta counter counted down from 9 to 0 hours over and over.

    Then I noticed a bunch of cable was missing from the end of the street, and I could see one 20m length not connected at either end between the overhead poles.... sounds like nbnco replacing cable in my segment before their service becomes available here and not telling other cable users whats going on....

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