Do computers have NDEs?

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    Do computers have NDEs?

    Hi all.

    This may sound a bit esoteric, but what happens when a PC "dies" but then gets brought back by HDD cloning, component repair etc?

    I'm talking full non bootable here, not just a simple restore from last known good.

    Had a machine here like that, one day after strange problems it just failed completely.

    Concluded that the HDD had failed irreparably and after various attempts ended up getting it cloned by a third party despite it not working properly (booted on similar MB but unable to copy user data)

    Somehow (we don't know how) the 1TB drive did copy just barely and was useable afterwards but obviously had some problems.

    Still using it now!

    Data corruption seems to show that something bad happened during a routine update but based on the corruption pattern it was not merely a normal failure.


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