back to article Foxconn spins out a slice of itself to fund cloud, IoT and 5G push

Foxconn wants to spin out part of itself, perhaps including a facilities used to build either iPhones or chips for smartmobes, so it can diversify into cloudy and 5G products. The manufacturer-to-the-stars has filed a prospectus with the Chinese securities regulator for a part-IPO of Foxconn Industrial Internet. The company …

  1. Mark 85 Silver badge

    If the IPO doesn't raise the whole $4.3bn, the company will seek loans for the rest.

    I'd almost bet that they make the IPO as I imagine that there's venture capitalists and other with deep pockets who can smell the money in stock and dividends. It will depend on what the rules are in China for "investors" but greed knows no borders.

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