Falcon Heavy launch webcast is spinning up now

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  1. Alistair Silver badge

    Falcon Heavy launch webcast is spinning up now


    Dunno about anyone else, but this one I've been waiting for...

  2. Alistair Silver badge

    That..... was..... *Gorgeous*

    The two boosters landing together, almost looked utterly faked, so eerily similar in the approach and landing.

    Gals and Guys at SpaceX and the cape deserve a whole bunch of those.....

  3. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    To say...

    ...I'm impressed just doesn't do it justice. As you say Alistair, the perfect sync of the strap-ons (oo-err missus) strongly gave the impression it was the same feed. Amazing! And despite Musks warnings that things may not fully go to plan, it looked like everything went perfectly. Including the amazingly surreal view of a spaceman driving a red sports car to the stars...and BEEEYOOOOOND!

    Shame the barge landing video feed failed again though. You'd think a company capable of landing three boosters after launching a car into space could manage a simple video feed :-)

    1. imanidiot Silver badge

      Re: To say...

      The barge video feed didn't fail as such. The center core failed to ignite 2 of the 3 engines needed for the landing burn because it ran out of TEA-TEB (ignition chemicals) so it slammed into the sea at several hundred meters per second just off the side of the barge. I imagine the feed was cut when the rocket failed to appear.

      Also really cool to watch is the video from Smarter Every Day/The Sound Traveller: https://youtu.be/ImoQqNyRL8Y. Video footage and audio from the top of the VAB, with both the launch and landing of the boosters (including the earth shattering KABOOMs of the sonic shockwaves from the returning boosters). Put on some headphones and crank up the volume to where the camera shutters and talking sound right. It'll give you some idea of the noise these things make!

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