back to article SAP slurps up CRM biz Callidus for $2.4bn, pants: Look, cloud bookings are up!

SAP has reported a boost in cloud bookings in its full-year results and announced a $2.4bn deal to buy cloudy sales tracking biz Callidus Software. The German ERP giant has today released (PDF) its figures for the final quarter of 2017, along with its full-year results. Total revenue for the year was up by 6 per cent, to €23. …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "There are now 7,900 customers on S/4HANA"

    Correction - 7,900 customers have purchased the license.

    In December 2017 SAP announced their 1000th customer was about to go live on S/4

    Changing current SAP to S/4 or implementing new will not be swift

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