back to article DRAM, it's good to be in storage... for some

So after a week of replicating, virtualising, backing up and inhaling and puffing out data to the cloud it is time to check what has been happening in the land of storage. We have news on Portworx and HPE, Pure Storage, SK Hynix, SpectraLogic, StorMagic, plus snippets on Gridgain, Snowflake and Virtual Instruments... Grab a …

  1. WonkoTheSane

    Obvious really

    Of course SK Hynix'2 full-year operating profit rose by 260%. DDR4 retail prices rose by that much!

  2. baspax


    No Nutanix news so you ignore Cisco HyperFlex launching 3.0 including stretched cluster/synchronous replication with Metrocluster support.

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