back to article Have three WINEs this weekend, because WINE 3.0 has landed

Version 3.0 of Wine Is Not an Emulator – aka WINE – has arrived, and offers all sorts of new emulation-on-Android possibilities. WINE lets users run Windows applications on Linux, MacOS, Solaris, and FreeBSD, plus other POSIX-compliant operating system. To do so it “translates Windows API calls into POSIX calls on-the-fly”, an …

  1. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

    So going to try out Indiana Jones' Desktop Adventures out...

  2. tempemeaty


    "Version 3.0’s headline feature is the inclusion of “A significant number of Direct3D 10 and 11 features”. The outcome? Better graphics for emulated Windows applications."

    I'm all...sqweeeeeeeeeee.......!!!!!!!!!


    I have 3D things that must be tried...

    * locks and blocks all doors and windows *

    * will not be seen again for a long time *

    1. David 132 Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: This

      Dunno about more recent stuff, but I found that the previous version of WINE ran (Microsoft Studio's, ironically) Age of Mythology game on Linux better than the game runs under Windows 10 on the same hardware. Yeah, one data point, anecdotal, take it as you will.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: This

      Can we presume that some Pr0n, albeit in 3d, is the actual reason for being absent during the weekend ?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Windows programs on Windows.

    I wish it would also run Windows programs on Windows.

    Try running IE8 in Windows 10...

    1. Anonymous Bullard

      Re: Windows programs on Windows.

      Wine is also available for Windows.

      1. aqk

        Re: Windows wne on Windows.

        Just don't spill it on your laptop, as I did once (or twice) to an old Toshiba. Cost me $400 to have it repaired- I should just have bought a new laptop!

        It was red (the wine, not the laptop) but thankfully a rather cheap plonk.

    2. katrinab Silver badge

      Re: Windows programs on Windows.

      If it works on Windows Subsystem for Linux, then it could do that.

      1. Khaptain Silver badge

        Re: Windows programs on Windows.

        Will it also run "ActiveX components" which is the main reason for requiring IE8...

    3. Mark 110

      Re: Windows programs on Windows.

      "Try running IE8 in Windows 10..."

      I wasn't masochist enough to run it back in XP days and now you want me to WHAT!!!!!


  4. fnusnu

    Office 2016?

    If it can't run Office 2016 then it remains a curio

    1. 45RPM

      Re: Office 2016?

      I think thats rather harsh - It does need to run Office, of course, but any office from this decade will do since the primary requirement for most people is the ability to open Microsoft Office XML based formats and accurately render the contents. Job done there (albeit only just - Office 2010 is fine).

      Everyone’s use-case is different though - for me, Wine needs to be able to run Visual Studio, and (for me) the free version is insufficient. So, whilst it’s a hugely interesting project and an admirable piece of work, I can’t make use of it myself - I still need ‘real’ Windows. But I kow of plenty of people with less demanding needs who have been able to, and do use it to, replace Windows.

    2. Psy-Q

      Re: Office 2016?

      If you really need Office 2016 on Linux, you can buy Crossover and run it with that. You'd also be supporting the WINE project financially that way.

      1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

        Re: Office 2016?

        Why would you need Office 2016 on Linux, is it for some Accountants Hellsheet?

        Removed as was unaware of "Crossover" and therefore my comment is invalid

    3. Zippy's Sausage Factory

      Re: Office 2016?

      Be nice if Office 2016 ran well on Windows 10, come to think of it.

      (Yes, I did have a five-hour Office 2016 reinstall the other day thanks to Windows 10 updates, in case you're wondering. And I'm not convinced that's solved my issues with Excel crashing, at least I am now able to log into my email again. And yes I am still annoyed about it thank you for asking.)

      1. Bucky 2

        Re: Office 2016?

        Ah, everybody has his use case. LibreOffice suits me for all my document needs.

        However, I need to open UI concepts from artists, and those come as Photoshop files.

        I generally prefer to keep the layers and effects. That way I can extract the elements that I want, how I want.

        GIMP can import simple layers, but can't do effects, and is iffy at importing masks.

        That leaves WINE and Photoshop 5. I tend to bitch and moan and complain that I can't run anything newer with any reliability, but I also haven't had much trouble opening files created with newer Photoshops. So, you know, not a heartbreaker.

        1. DrBed

          Re: Office 2016? (That leaves WINE and Photoshop 5)

          PS5? Oh dear.

          I run PS CS4 / CS6 regularly at Linux / Wine for years.

          > GIMP can import simple layers, but can't do effects, and is iffy at importing masks.

          For extended PS specific needs (effects, masks, cmyk .psd ...) just use Krita.

          If you need pro effects at GIMP, take a look at G'MIC.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Office 2016?

      Lol, the person living in the 1990s that thinks you need Microsoft office.

      The vast majority of users only use word, and could do their stuff in Write, let alone a free real office suite alternative like Google docs (which is better then office in many areas, particularly collaboration) or libre office.

      1. katrinab Silver badge

        Re: Office 2016?

        In my office, everyone uses Excel for everything, except receiving emails.

        1. Deltics

          Re: Office 2016?

          Give it time.

          Just. Give it time.

        2. d3vy Silver badge

          Re: Office 2016?

          "In my office, everyone uses Excel for everything, except receiving emails."

          Im sure we can knock up some VBA to check an IMAP inbox if you fancy it? ;)

  5. Tinslave_the_Barelegged

    Cautionary tale

    Picture the scene: Late 90s, running the fabulous AMEOL CIX off-line reader under WINE, suddenly noticed a WINE process under htop when none should have been active. Discovered that WINE is quite capable of running Windows viruses too... No damage done except to confidence and bragging rights about Linux's malware resistance.

    1. 45RPM

      Re: Cautionary tale

      Er., yes. But with the proviso that Wine is effectively sandboxed by your user account so, whilst any Windows malware that it executes might be able to affect your documents (and, given the different directory structures compared to Windows, even that isn’t guaranteed), the OS itself will remain unaffected and the integrity of other user accounts is likely to remain secure.

      Note my hedging in the use of terms like ‘likely to’, ‘might be able to’. When dealing with malware one can never be absolutely sure - the price of security is eternal vigilance and so forth - all one can do is say that configuration a is likely to be more secure than configuration b.

      And you know what they say. Bragging rights come before a fall.

      1. big_D Silver badge

        Re: Cautionary tale

        The virus is "sandboxed" in the user account? You do realise that the PC and the OS are the least valuable bits of a computer and the user's data is worth a fortune in comparison?

        So, whilst the virus can't affect the OS (or data where the user has no rights), it can exfiltrate / delete / encrypt the important and (often) irreplaceable user data... I'd rather it corrupt the OS than my data, installing a new version of the OS and re-mounting my home folder is a lot easier than having to go back in time and make all of those childhood photos again.

        1. 45RPM

          Re: Cautionary tale

          In many businesses, and even homes, a computer will have more than one user account on it. So, whilst such malware may be able to wreak horrible damage on your account and your files, files owned by your colleagues / family / friends should be safe.

          And yes, user data is worth a fortune (at least to its owner). So it must be backed up - and those back ups backed up as well.

        2. PNGuinn
          Black Helicopters

          Re: Cautionary tale

          So, create a new account for yourself, call it Wino or somesuch, and install Wine and your legacy software bits there.

          Or create more that one new account and install each legacy bit in a separate "instance".

          Wouldn't that narrow the risk a little?

          Plus all the other usual caveats of course.

          1. lybad

            Re: Cautionary tale

            To an extent Crossover does that - for every application install, it adds a new "bottle" to contain the files.

        3. Ken Hagan Gold badge

          Re: Cautionary tale

          "You do realise that the PC and the OS are the least valuable bits of a computer and the user's data is worth a fortune in comparison?"

          You do also realise that, once the PC and OS have been compromised, the only safe repair process is a low-level wipe with independently-sourced installation media. Most end-users are not aware of that, have neither the media nor the know-how to do it even if they knew they ought to, and probably couldn't find someone who could. (You can't, for example, trust whatever's on that hidden partition on the hard drive and what's the betting that if you take it into a High Street shop that's all that they'll bother to do, or perhaps even all that they'll know how to do?)

          1. big_D Silver badge

            Re: Cautionary tale

            I do realise that computers can have more than one user and that you need verified media to re-install and checking the data before using it again.

            My point was the blase attitude that it is irrelevant if the user gets a virus, because it can only affect the users space. Malware is malware and needs to be taken seriously.

            Nonchalantly saying only the users data is affected is the wrong attitude to the problem.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Cautionary tale

      Well, yes. It attempts to run ALL Windows programs. If it could tell the difference between malware and genuine software....then it would be better than any antivirus program on the market...

      1. asphytxtc

        Re: Cautionary tale

        > If it could tell the difference between malware and genuine software....then it would be better than any antivirus program on the market...

        I believe it already does, I've had absolutely no success running Windows 10 under Wine..

  6. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Pedant alert

    I think you'll find WINE actually stands for:

    Wine Is Not Emulation

    1. lybad

      Re: Pedant alert

      If you're really going to be pedantic:-

      Wine (originally an acronym for "Wine Is Not an Emulator")

  7. John Smith 19 Gold badge
    Thumb Up

    Exciting times for Linux

    And a monumental job of work for the WINE team.

  8. Stuart 22

    End of the Road

    The definition of a successful migration to Linux is when you discard WINE. So thanks for the fish developers it was a great if a little bumpy ride. With the bumps speeding the transition rather than hindering it. Took us 5 years but now in a happy place*

    * Ahem, I do confess having VirtualBox running Win2000 for old time's sake. The best damn OS MS ever produced and even nicer and snappier than some of today's leaner Linux distros.

    1. Zippy's Sausage Factory

      Re: End of the Road

      Yes, I too have a Windows 2000 VM hanging around. With Office 97 on it and a few other bits just in case I need them. It really does work well.

    2. Charles 9 Silver badge

      Re: End of the Road

      "The definition of a successful migration to Linux is when you discard WINE."

      Which means some people can NEVER fully migrate because their most-critical irreplaceable software is, was, and always will be Windows-ONLY. Same with the gamers. With DX10 and 11 support, there's increased hope for support for the newer games out there, but that'll depend on how many Garbage reports get an improvement.

      1. Mark 110

        Re: End of the Road

        Won't most games run pretty well using OpenGL. I haven't played a game for a few years but back when I used to play through WINE I never had an issue.

        It was Linuxes inability to do game sound and voice comms at the same time that made life more difficult.

      2. Dave Bell

        Re: End of the Road

        I know of a couple of programs that don't have Linux versions, and explicitly test with Wine. I use one of them, and maybe the biggest problem is that different Windows programs work best with different Wine versions. There are fixes for that. I use PlayOnLinux.

  9. ecofeco Silver badge

    I'm pretty good at things, but...

    ...for some reason I can never get WINE to work right.

    No doubt it's just me, but the lack of good troubleshooting documentations doesn't help.

    1. Teiwaz Silver badge

      Re: I'm pretty good at things, but...

      ...for some reason I can never get WINE to work right.

      No doubt it's just me, but the lack of good troubleshooting documentations doesn't help.

      That's an endemic problem with most s/w...

  10. Alistair Silver badge

    A real world example of determination

    I've been a WOW player since Vanilla. Not, originally, because I was addicted to the game, but rather because SWMBO *was* addicted to the game and since I was a unix guy, I thought it would be interesting to to get WOW working on wine in linux. I just wanted to get it working as a challenge.

    Frame rates in 0.8 world were horrendous, and there were awful video glitches. In 1.x wine WOW ran *better* on wine in opengl mode than it did in WinXP in DX9 mode. On *much* lower horsepower hardware. In the 2.x series I've been playing (admittedly with less than spectacular frame rates) with wine-staging. There were things (mostly authentication issues and the more bleeding edge DX11 components) that were not in wine 2.x release. I've recently discovered that the less than enthusiastic frame rates are about 60% from the nvidia driver defaulting to "power saving" mode by default - so I've managed to get 30 to 60 fps in wine staging 2.2x with WoW. If 3.x pulls in the security bits and the DX11 instruction path changes I might change over.

    My *largest* disappointment is that Blizz dropped support for OpenGL. In OpenGL mode with equivalent hardware my framerates *smoked* what SWMBO got on windows.

    Considering the efforts put in by the Wine Team i the last 8 months to get DX11 going, I have to toss them huge kudos.

    And -- I'll also be trying out visio 2012 and outlook 2013 in wine 3.0. If I get those going well, by by windows vm.

    1. Mark 110

      Re: A real world example of determination

      Ahhh. Makes my previous comment redundant. My experience of playing games under Linux is limited to WOW on WINE. Why would they drop OpenGL support . . .

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: A real world example of determination

        Probably because it started becoming a bear to work with. As I recall, too much cruft. It's one reason the Kronos Group wanted to start fresher with Vulkan.

  11. aqk

    Will it run Wordperfect 8?

    Wordperfect is all that remains to convince a friend to convert his old Vista system into a modern up-to-date Ubuntu system.

    If I can get WP-8 to run under Ubuntu 1710, then it's a go!

    1. mjflory

      Re: Will it run Wordperfect 8?

      Corel once provided a version of WordPerfect 8 compiled for Linux, and it was FREE! See for an overview. Apparently it's still downloadable -- see -- and folks have been downloading and installing it on releases as recent as Mint 17. The site has advice on the installation. Somewhere in the piles I have a Corel WP8 CD, probably from a trade show, and I was just thinking how nice it would be to get it running on Mint 17 or 18.

      1. aqk

        Re: Will it run Wordperfect 8?

        Tried the old WP-linux links as mentioned a coupla yeras ago.

        Perhaps, due to your encouragement, I'll try them again - this time on Ubuntu 1710..


  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wine is still a thing?

    Given that VMware Player does a FAR better job, and is free for noncommercial use, I have a hard time seeing why anyone would futz around with Wine unless they like major limitations and endless frustration.

    1. lybad

      Re: Wine is still a thing?

      Because Wine doesn't need an OS installation - so you don't need to fluff around with Windows isos or CD/DVDs. And if you're going down the legitimate route, WINE doesn't carry the costs of the additional OS.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wine for Android

    Does anybody know where Wine 3.0 is available for download for Android? Can't find it on Google Play at all.

    1. Barry Rueger

      Re: Wine for Android

      Does anybody know why Wine 3.0 is available for download for Android?


      The problem with WINE remains that it's really hit and miss whether a specific app will work. The WINE database is full of comments that basically say "this app version worked, but only with this WINE version," followed by a list of ways it won't work.

      I get my bookkeeping done with a Vista VM, and save the hassle.

  14. Louis Schreurs BEng Bronze badge


    WINE about IT.

  15. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    "an arrangement its developers rate as more efficient than virtualization"

    You also don't have to acquire and install Windows into a VM.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    in developer mode

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