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Billions of pounds are lost annually to lies. As we become more digital and more connected through web, devices and social the reach of liars and the consequences of their actions assume bigger and more personal proportions - compromised bank accounts, stolen personal data and lost intellectual property. Liars are a physical …

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    Detecting Deception- Socialigence

    Lie detection is not a job to be left to a machine! Researchers claim that average person is lied-to close to two hundred times a day. Majority of them are what we call ‘white lies’ – the ones we tell for social accommodation. But then there are lies that affect our choices and courses of action. And it is a failure to spot these lies that costs us both at personal and professional front.According to famous author DePaulo’s study, People tell lie in one in ten interactions with their spouses and in one in three interactions with their romantic partners. Similarly, study by authors Argo, White and Dahl found that most people are significantly more likely to lie to coworkers than to others. That’s what makes detecting deception so important.

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