back to article DigitalOcean cuts cloud server pricing to stop rivals eating its lunch

Faced with a customer base being lured away by cheaper cloud compute services at its competitors, DigitalOcean has cut prices and increased RAM and SSD storage for its users. The company has around a million customers and is the world's third largest cloud compute hoster, according to Netcraft – behind number 2 Alibaba and the …

  1. Steve_Jobs1974

    Not Apples for Apples

    Digital Ocean over-subscribe on CPU and RAM. This is something VM Admins have been doing for years on-prem for their Dev workloads. (Not sure I would want to do this for Prod). Comparing these VMs to AWS / Google VMs, that are not over-subscribed, is like stating that a Mini is cheaper than a Ferrari and therefore better!

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Not Apples for Apples

      I recall a senior Digital Ocean person swearing blind DO doesn't oversubscribe.


      1. Steve_Jobs1974

        Re: Not Apples for Apples

        This is from the DO website

        Standard Droplet vCPUs are "burstable" up to the full hyper-thread but are shared amongst multiple VMs meaning that you potentially won't always be able to utilize the full hyper-thread. Our systems attempt to always give customers as much of the hyper-thread as possible but as there is some level of overcommitment on Standard Droplet vCPUs you will have variable performance depending on a number of factors

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Interesting, didn't know that Alibaba were also in the cloud business. Off to check them out.

  3. kkazakov


    Digitalocean should fix their support. That's the sole reason I left for Linode.

    After third time my server was blocked because of some site I was hosting, I fixed it in less than 5 minutes. However, it took DO more than 14 hours to enable it back. 14 hours, that my sites are down.

    Wheb this happened three times, I was out. Thanks DO, but not coming back.

    1. kryptylomese

      Re: Support

      You hosted a critical site on a single instance?

    2. LauraSmith

      Re: Support

      In that case you should have gone for managed digitalOcean server as their are companies like Kinsta, Cloudways, etc. which are providing the managed cloud server for digitalOcean.

  4. Paul

    I usually pick the best deal from the LowEndBox blog.

    I'm currently with ChicagoVPS, pay less than DO and get a higher end box; their support is good too. Downside is they don't do IPv6 and don't appear to have any plans to.

  5. saquibrizwan

    Its Like a New Year Gift

    DigitalOcean has taken a great step by lowering their price and increasing the storage. It's like a new year gift for us because DO has one of the most affordable infrastructures and with these low-end servers, anyone can get started with their business or personal blog. Even if they don't know how to manage the servers, Services like Cloudways has also lowered the prices for DigitalOcean server making it better for the low-end servers as well as high-end servers. It is a great news for both, Developers and Agencies.

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